Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 849 - Ye Qi Getting Beaten (2)

Chapter 849: Ye Qi Getting Beaten (2)
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Seeing Ye Qi’s retreating figure, Ye Tianlin became increasingly smug and his eyebrows quirked up. “Ye Qi, you’d better firmly remember this, in the Ye Family, you’re merely a dog. When the Master feeds you, it’s sufficient to wag your tail begging for pity and don’t even think of rebelling!”

Ye Qi Fiercely glared at Ye Tianlin.

Who would think that her glare would thoroughly enrage him? “Rotten brat, you still dare to be so arrogant! Ye Tianlin’s fist clenched tight and he coldly commanded with a calm and collected handsome face, “Men, give this rotten brat a good beating!”

Not only did this brat dare to raise her hands against him, she was also unrepentant! Today, he would teach her how to conduct herself!

“Yes, Young Master Lin.”

In the twinkling of an eye, the group of bodyguards behind Ye Tianlin rapidly dashed toward Ye Qi. One of the guards tightly held her arms while another guard brandished his fists toward her. Momentarily, half of Ye Qi’s face swelled up and looked similar to a pig’s head.

Both her eyes were filled with tears, but despite this, she obstinately prevented her tears from falling as her beautiful eyes glared at Ye Tianlin with indignation.

“Rotten brat, who allowed you to look at me with such an expression?” Ye Tianlin walked to Ye Qi’s side while holding his head high. His hands tightly grabbed her jaw as he smiled sinisterly, “A dog that dares to rebel, what use is there in keeping it?”

Ye Tianlin raised his hands and his large palms once again moved to fiercely slap Ye Qi’s face.

Ye Qi was shocked, and she tightly shut her eyes while her eyelashes faintly trembled. Yet the pain of the palm strike did not arrive after all, so her eyelids trembled and slowly opened…

A man’s back was facing Ye Qi and his robes were lightly fluttering. His back was very sturdy, just like a huge mountain that caused one to feel extremely safe. In an instant, Ye Qi’s heart skipped a beat as she gazed at the man blocking in front of her in a daze while an indescribable feeling rushed forth in her heart…

“Ye Tianlin!”

The corner of his lips had a grim smile and his handsome face revealed ridicule. “Seems like you’ve forgotten the scene of being chased and beaten by me a few years back. Why? Do you wish to reenact your old dreams?”

A trace of panic flashed through Ye Tianlin’s eyes, yet he forcibly stabilized his state of mind and clenched his teeth, saying, “That year, Uncle had a very high position in the Ye Family, resulting in me not daring to retaliate. But now, my father is the one who calls the shot in the Ye Family, so what right do you have to oppose me?”

Every dog has his day. Ye Jingchen once had an unsurpassed position in Ye Family, yet he had taken in a hen that couldn’t lay eggs. Furthermore, after so many years, he was unwilling to take in a concubine for that infertile woman. As such, the elders in the Ye Family were progressively disappointed in him and even shifted the power to his own father.

Ye Ximo raised his brows and spoke with a sneer, “Back then in the Ye Family, I could beat you up until you didn’t dare to appear before me. A few years later, I can accomplish the same! If you don’t believe me, you can have a try!”

Ye Tianlin’s expression changed. When facing Ye Qi, he wouldn’t be in such panic as her innate talent wasn’t very strong. However, in Ye Ximo’s face, he felt that he was weaker by a notch.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Tianlin clenched his teeth and waved his hands, thinking of leaving together with the Ye Family’s bodyguards with a turn.

Just then, a powerful spiritual energy struck on his back, catching him off guard. With a bang, Ye Tianlin rapidly fell forward and embarrassingly tumbled on the ground.

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