Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 847 - Scam? (3)

Chapter 847: Scam? (3)
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What made His Majesty want to crumble more was that the Empress was diagnosed with a terminal illness not long ago, and she did not have a lot of time left. To save the Empress, he issued an order recently. Whether it was a prince or a princess, as long as they could save the Empress, they would be bestowed with the position of the Crown Prince.

His Majesty’s passionate love for the Empress could be seen from that.

“Your Majesty, you also know about this subject’s old illness. If it isn’t cured, I can faint at any time, anywhere. I also wouldn’t be able to be treated and woken up from my unconscious state.”

Previously, he would calculate the time right and would not go out during that time period, so not many people knew about his old illness. Who knew he would suddenly fall ill today?

“And then?” the man asked with a frown.

Xuan Tian faintly smiled. “And then this subject had a chance encounter with a woman. She merely performed acupuncture on me and I woke up. Hence, this subject thinks that woman has extremely talented medical skills, and none of the imperial physicians can compare to her. If we can invite her here, perhaps she can cure my old illness at its roots, even Her Majesty the Empress’ illness…”

As soon as the man heard this, he stood up in a flash with excitement in his eyes. His breathing quickened as well.

“Where is that miss? Zhen 1 will immediately send someone to invite her here! No! Zhen will go and personally invite her. As long as she can cure the Empress, I’ll agree to any terms!”

“Your Majesty, this subject has already ordered someone to investigate her identity. I believe we’ll have news soon. However, from what I saw, the girl has an aloof nature, so wealth and social status might not be able to attract her.”

“Since she’s such a powerful physician, she, of course, wouldn’t be interested in wealth and social status, but she must be interested in medicinal herbs, right? If she can cure the Empress, I wouldn’t mind giving her all the medicinal herbs inside the national treasury!”

Xuan Tian was taken aback and looked at the man’s excited face with astonishment. He did not expect His Majesty to toss such a large bait.

“Xuan Tian, Zhen has owed the Empress too much during these years. If it weren’t for Zhen frequently making her grieve in private, it would not cause her to not have a single child during the past decades.” The man wryly chuckled. “So if the Empress can be treated, Zhen can give up everything, even this kingdom!”

“Your Majesty!” Xuan Tian was extremely shocked. There was no way he could have imagined His Majesty would go to this extent for the Empress.

“Don’t bother trying to persuade me. Zhen has long since regretted it during these years. What use is it to have so many imperial concubines? In my heart, the importance of those women can’t hold a candle to the importance of the Empress alone. The Empress being seriously ill has made me especially aware of the fact that Zhen can’t lose her.”

Xuan Tian lowered his head. “This subject will respect Your Majesty’s wishes and will do my all to find that girl!”

“Go on then.” The man waved his hand and sat down again, exhausted. “If there’s news of her, you must inform Zhen. Zhen wants to go and personally invite her to come and diagnose the Empress.”

“As Your Majesty commands.” Xuan Tian cupped his fist and retreated.

He barely took a step out of the imperial study when he saw Jiang Mengyao walking toward him.

In the Tianyun Kingdom, physicians had a very high social status, especially Xuan Tian, the head of the imperial physicians. Besides the Emperor, he did not need to bow to anyone else. Hence, when he saw Jiang Mengyao, he merely nodded his head in acknowledgment.

“Great Master Xuan Tian.” Jiang Mengyao stopped walking with a faint smile. “I have some medical questions that I don’t understand, may I ask Grand Master for some guidance?”

Xuan Tian’s brows furrowed. “Apologies, Sixth Princess, I still have something to do, so I’m afraid I won’t have time to instruct the princess.”

Jiang Mengyao was startled but quickly recovered her senses. She said with a faint smile, “Not a problem. Mengyao will come and seek guidance when Great Master has time.”

After saying that, she pushed open the door of the imperial study and walked inside.

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