Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 845 - Scam? (1)

Chapter 845: Scam? (1)
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Ye Jingchen saw the people standing in the courtyard from far away. His face was enveloped in gentleness as he quickly walked to them.

“Jun’er, you’ve waited a while, right? I will have someone clean our old rooms in a bit. As for Feng’er and Xiao’er, they will be placed next to us. I can better protect them in proximity.”

“Alright.” Jun Fengling smiled and turned to look at Yun Luofeng and the others. “If you are tired, then go back to your rooms to rest first. If you don’t feel tired, then have Mo’er and Qiqi show you around the Imperial City.”

Hearing this, Ye Ximo brightly smiled. “Foster Father, Foster Mother, don’t worry, leave Brother and Sister to me.”

Jun Fengling is naturally unworried about Ye Ximo. There should not be any problems with him leading Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao in the Imperial City.

“Brother Ye, I’m tired. Let’s go back and rest.” Jun Fengling rubbed her forehead. Ever since she got pregnant, she had become more lethargic and was lazy in everything that she had to do.

Ye Jingchen caressed Jun Fengling’s waist with a faint smile and left Ye Ximo with a few additional instructions before heading toward the rear court.

Ye Ximo retracted his gaze and laughed. “Let’s go. Allow Brother to show you around and familiarize you with the Imperial City.”

Yun Luofeng lightly nodded and did not decline. “Alright.”

As for Yun Xiao, as long as Yun Luofeng agreed, he typically would not have any objections.

Watching the departing figures, Ye Qi bit her lips, her eyes brimming with loneliness. Although she really wanted to follow them, she did not speak up in the end.

The Imperial Clan’s Restaurant was the most extravagant restaurant in the Imperial City. Its dishes were also extremely famous, so it became the location for the innumerable luxurious gatherings inside the Imperial City.

However, this restaurant required a reservation or else one would not be seated. Hence, Ye Ximo entered the restaurant in advance for the purpose of discussing with the boss about whether they could relinquish a spot for them.

Ye Ximo barely left before Yun Luofeng stepped through the entrance of the restaurant. Because Huohuo was only paying attention to her conversation with Yun Luofeng, she did not notice the figure leaving the restaurant and accidentally bumped into them.

This bump should not have been of consequence, but upon colliding with Huohuo, the elderly man could not bear the impact and collapsed on the ground, losing consciousness.

Huohuo was dumbstruck. She rubbed her head and said, “What? Does this old man want to scam us?”

She heard the word ‘scam’ from Xiao Mo. According to Xiao Mo, a lot of people would scam 1 others in the world that he traveled to, so she applied it to the current circumstance and used it.

In an instant, the eyes of everyone inside the restaurant shot over to them and looked at the people who appeared in the entrance.

“How dare you!”

The two guards behind the elderly man finally reacted and hastily drew their longsword, pointing it at Huohuo. One of them expressionlessly said, “I suspect you for plotting to murder our sir! So you must come with us this instant!”

Huohuo curled her lips. “They actually want to scam us? He’s already so old, shouldn’t he be less shameless? Old man, don’t pretend to sleep! Hurry and get up!”

She had her hands propped on her hips as she looked down on the unconscious old man, her words dripping with disdain.

“How impudent!” the guard harshly rebuked, his expression shifting.

He did not understand the meaning of “scam” but he could imagine it was not anything nice!

At this moment, the people of the restaurant started discussing among themselves, and their gaze at Huohuo was filled with disapproval.


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