Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 844

Chapter 844: I Would Rather Turn My Back on the World Than on My Dearest
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“Who knows whether that bastard is truly Eldest Young Master’s son? Perhaps that fox seductress deceived Eldest Young Master! What a pity that Second Young Master still calls her ‘Sister-in-law’. In my view, she is unworthy of entering the family!”

“Eldest Young Master, you should really reflect on yourself. Where else would you find a wonderful brother like Second Young Master? Second Young Master constantly keeps your best interest in mind and suggested to return the position of the Young Master to you several times. But you? You are too cruel and heartless!”

All the elders added their two cents, making Ye Jingchen’s fist tightly clench.

“First, since I’m a young master of the Ye Family, you must treat me courteously! Jun’er is my wife, who allowed you to be this rude to her?” Ye Jingchen’s eyes were icy and did not have their previous warmth. “Second, whether Xiao’er is my son or not will be revealed in three days. Slandering him like this, are you afraid of something?”

His scornful words startled all of the elders. They originally thought Ye Jingxuan was already the fated young master, so along with Ye Jingxuan, they did many harmful things to Ye Jingchen during these years. Now that a son came out of nowhere for Ye Jingchen, they were truly afraid. It was because they were afraid that they ran their mouth off.

“You want Ye City’s trading company?” Ye Jingchen turned to Ye Jingxuan and coldly said, “I can relinquish it to you. The condition is for you to use three stalks of medicinal herbs that are older than a thousand years old to trade for it! Also, these medicinal herbs aren’t permitted to be taken from the Ye Family!”

Ye Jingxuan dumbfoundedly looked up. How did this guy know he privately stashed away three stalks of thousand-year-old medicinal herbs? He painstakingly obtained those herbs and merely had a total of three stalks. Once a herb reached 500 years old, there was a price but not a market.

“Eldest Brother, I’m so considerate of you, but you outrageously demand three stalks of thousand-year-old herbs,” Ye Jingxuan said with a sneer.

“You don’t have to give it. Just don’t expect to obtain the Ye Family Trading Company!” Ye Jingchen shrugged, his appearance uncaring.

Ye Jingxuan’s expression darkened. He knew that Elder Ye Xiang had always felt guilty about kicking Ye Jingchen out of the Ye Family. If he did not go along with Ye Jingchen’s wishes, he definitely would not obtain the trading company from him.

Recalling merchandise like the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, Ye Jingchen agreed between gritted teeth, “Alright, I will give it to you!”

Wait until he obtained the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid and raised the power of the Ye Family. At that time, no one would dare to oppose his position as the Young Master of the Ye Family!

I will allow you to be joyful for now, there are plenty of chances to make you weep in the future!

“Is there anything else? If there isn’t, then I will leave first. My wife is still waiting for me.” Ye Jingchen coldly surveyed all the elders present and only gave a smile when he looked at the cyan-robed elder who spoke up for him just now.

“Head back then.” Ye Xiang waved his hand. “Also, we must ascertain whether or not that child is your son. In order to prevent becoming a laughingstock, no one is allowed to tell others about this before the blood-dripping verification.”

A clan like the Ye Family placed high importance on the bloodline. If the blood-dripping verification method was a failure, it would certainly become a matter of ridicule to others. They could not afford to lose face from this!

Ye Jingchen smiled in contempt but did not say anything before turning to head out of the room.

It was only after he left the elder room that his icy appearance melted away. Jun Fengling’s figure surfaced in his mind, and his lips could not help but turn up with a smile. He quickly walked out of the courtyard.

In his life, only Jun Fengling was his warmth. He would rather turn his back on the world than on her!

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