Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 843 - Humiliation, Eye Roll (6)

Chapter 843: Humiliation, Eye Roll (6)

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Elder Room

All the elders sat around a long table, the one sitting on the front end of the table was naturally the most senior elder in the clan, Ye Xiang. Even Ye Jingxuan, who was the future head of the Ye Family, had no choice but to listen to his suggestions sometimes.

Everyone’s eyes simultaneously looked toward the door as it opened. When they saw the man who appeared outside the room, a tumultuous light appeared in their eyes.

“Enter,” Elder Ye Xiang said in a deep voice.

Ye Jingchen slowly entered under everyone’s gaze. His steps were steady, and his aura was calm and patient. This point alone was not something that Ye Jingxuan could match.

“You’ve returned?” Ye Xiang indifferently asked as he aloofly watched Ye Jingchen enter the elder room.

“Yes, I’ve returned.”

He had returned! And this time, he wouldn’t back down!

“I heard you have a son outside?” Ye Xiang asked, getting right to the point without wasting any words.

Ye Jingchen smiled. “That’s right. He is my son. Allowing him to wander on his own outside for all these years was my fault, he has now returned with me to the Ye Family. If you don’t believe it, you can do the blood test, I don’t have any objection.”

“Since it’s this way, we will choose a day to conduct the blood test. How about in three days? Also, because today’s matter is too serious, I will inform Master, who’s in seclusion,” Ye Xiang indifferently spoke.

He had higher hopes for Ye Jingchen than Ye Jingxuan. Unfortunately, Ye Jingchen might be incredibly strong, but he did not have a single heir, so he could not inherit the Ye Family.

Although a son suddenly popped up, he heard that the son was a trash, otherwise, he would not have been expelled from the Xiao Family that Jun Fengling previously inhabited.

It was a pity…

Ye Xiang found it a pity. If that son of his had stunning innate talents, then he would make the position of the Young Master of the Ye Family return to Ye Jingchen no matter what.

“Elders,” Ye Jingxuan’s eyes flickered as he stood up and chuckled before saying, “now that my eldest brother has returned, there is no one to manage the trading company inside Ye City. How about I send someone there?”

Ye Xiang frowned. “Ye City is your brother’s, your actions would be inappropriate.”

“Elder,” Ye Jingxuan said with an insincere smile, “how can someone as noble as Eldest Brother stay in a remote place like Ye City? It would be better for me to send someone to take over Eldest Brother’s position.”

Ye Jingchen glanced at Ye Jingxuan with contempt. It looks like it was just as Feng’er said. His brother wouldn’t give up on obtaining the trading company. Thankfully, he already emptied the stock of medicinal herbs inside the trading company before he left and transferred some of his trusted subordinates back. All that he left for him was an empty shell.

“Second Young Master, don’t forget, it was you who suggested transferring Eldest Young Master to Ye City. Didn’t you think Ye City was remote back then?” Amidst the elders present, one of the elders wearing cyan clothes could not put up with it and retorted, “Now, Eldest Young Master has developed Ye City to be this prosperous and you want to snatch it back?”

Ye Jingxuan’s expression was displeased, and he glanced at the cyan-robed elder who spoke. “I merely wanted Eldest Brother to go there to reflect a bit. Perhaps he would discover his mistake and divorce Sister-in-law. Who knew Eldest Brother would be so stubborn? Now, I allowed him to return to the Ye Family because I felt sorry for him.”

Hearing this, the other elders who typically sided with Ye Jingxuan all spoke up as well.

“Second Young Master is right. No matter what he does, it’s out of consideration for Eldest Young Master! In contrast, Eldest Young Master is mistaking a good man as a bad man and being ungrateful! That siren has bewitched him to the point of losing his intelligence and caused him to be hostile with his blood brother!”


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