Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 842 - Humiliation, Eye Roll (5)

Chapter 842: Humiliation, Eye Roll (5)

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Yun Luofeng smiled. “Don’t forget, I’m a physician! If I want to let you two’s blood fuse, then they will definitely fuse. The blood test won’t be a problem!”

Jun Fengling was silent for a moment before asking, “Feng’er, are you doing this to protect my unborn child?”

This girl was clever and quick-witted, so how could she not guess that she wanted to reveal the news of her pregnancy? If she did that, Ye Jingxuan and his cohort definitely would not easily let her off!

“Yes.” Yun Luofeng did not deny it.

“Feng’er, you didn’t need to do that.” Jun Fengling wryly chuckled. “Both Xiao’er and you are important to me. How could I let you take risks? How could I rest easy if you act like that?”

Yun Luofeng lightly ran her fingers over Jun Fengling’s belly, and a smile appeared on her lips. “Treat the Ye Family as my present for my unborn brother and sister.”

Brother and sister?

Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling looked at each other and saw joy in the other’s eyes.

“Feng’er, are you saying your mother is carrying twins of mixed sex?” Ye Jingchen was incredibly emotional and nearly pulled Jun Fengling into his arms to give her a big kiss.

“That’s right.” Yun Luofeng slightly raised her brows. “Mother, you are with child, so you must maintain a happy body and mind. Don’t worry about Yun Xiao and me. As long as that sage-level spirit cultivator of the Ye Family doesn’t act, we won’t be in any danger.”

In truth, Yun Luofeng had no idea about the status of Yun Xiao’s strength and did not know whether he could hold his own against that sage-level spirit cultivator. However, besides that sage-level spirit cultivator, no one else in the Ye Family was Yun Xiao’s opponent!

Although Jun Fengling’s strength was not bad either, she was pregnant right now so her strength would definitely be weaker. If news of her pregnancy was made known at this point in time, those people would certainly take actions against her when she was off guard.

If it was like that, it would be better for them to attract the hostility!

Jun Fengling was touched. With a daughter-in-law like this, what regrets could she possibly have in her life?

“Jun’er, rest peacefully, I will protect Xiao’er and Feng’er well.” A fierce glint flashed through Ye Jingchen’s eyes. “If anyone dares to hurt them, I will protect them even if I have a fall out with the Ye Family!”

Jun Fengling raised her brows and imperceptibly smiled. “I haven’t returned to the Ye Estate in many years. I will receive those people’s ridicule again this time around, but I won’t suffer in silence like I did in the past. This time, I will repay whoever dares to bully me a hundredfold!”

A figure hurriedly came toward them. After seeing that person, Yun Luofeng waved away the barrier and walked to the side of Jun Fengling.

“Eldest Young Master,” the servant hastily reported, “the elders want you to head over there.”

Ye Jingchen’s brows furrowed. “Alright, I will come in a moment.”

After saying this, he turned to face Jun Fengling with a gentle look, “Jun’er, I’ll come right back. If someone from the Ye Family bullies you, don’t be polite and hit them back. Remember, I will stand on your side no matter what!”

Jun Fengling slightly nodded. Her hand subconsciously wanted to gently caress her belly, but she remembered that there were still people from the Ye Family here, so she hastily put her hand back down.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

Ye Jingchen gently patted her head before turning around and saying, “Lead the way.”

“Eldest Young Master, please follow me.” The servant made an inviting gesture before leading the way in the front.

Although this servant’s words were very polite, his feature still revealed his disdain.

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