Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 841 - Humiliation, Eye Roll (4)

Chapter 841: Humiliation, Eye Roll (4)
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Yun Luofeng merely had Huohuo slap him, but in his mouth, it became Ye Jingchen betraying the Ye Family! All the guards looked at each other in uncertainty, no one daring to act.

Although Ye Jingchen was kicked out of the Ye Family, he was still a young master of the Ye Family. How could they dare to offend their superior and use force on him?

Seeing the unmoving guards, Ye Jingxuan grew angrier. It was at this point in time that Yun Luofeng’s languid voice was slowly heard.

“So what if I hit you?” She faintly smiled. “You slandered the descendants of the Ye Family, shouldn’t you be hit?”

Ye Jingxuan was taken back. “You… what do you mean?”

“My meaning is very simple. Yun Xiao is Ye Jingchen’s biological son!”


As though thunder clapped across the clear sky, Ye Jingxuan became dumbstruck on the spot. Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling were also startled. No one knew better than them who Yun Xiao’s father was! After all, she did not meet Ye Jingchen until after she left the Xiao Family. How could Yun Xiao be his son?

“Feng’er…” Jun Fengling was somewhat anxious and kept sending looks to Yun Luofeng to stop her subsequent words.

From start to end, only Yun Xiao remained calm. To him, Yun Luofeng had her reasons for whatever she wanted to do. What he could do was to unconditionally believe in her.

“Impossible! That is impossible!” Ye Jingxuan staggered back two steps. “How could this bastard be my eldest brother’s son? He clearly came from Longxiao Continent.”

Yun Luofeng took two steps toward Ye Jingxuan. “How do you know that Yun Xiao wasn’t sired by Father and Mother in Longxiao Continent? Moreover, it’s simple to prove my words, doing a blood test 1 is enough.”

Viciousness flashed through Ye Jingxuan’s eyes. He did not expect that Eldest Brother would have a son in the outside world. Did they keep it hidden for this many years because they were afraid he would hurt their son?

It was apparent that Ye Jingxuan already believed Yun Luofeng’s words. After all, she even mentioned doing a blood test. How could it be fake?

Jun Fengling’s expression grew more anxious. As soon as they did a blood test, Yun Xiao would be proven to not be Brother Ye’s son. It would be quite difficult to conclude this matter at that time.

Just as her heart brimmed with anxiety, a voice was heard inside her mind, stunning her.

“Don’t worry. I will help you take back what belongs to you.”

Jun Fengling looked up in astonishment and met a pair of faintly smiling eyes. Those incredibly bright eyes miraculously calmed her incredibly anxious heart.

Spiritual voice transmittance! She actually knew spiritual voice transmittance!!

Just how many more things about her daughter-in-law remained unknown to her?

“I will discuss it with the elders now and choose a date for the blood test.” Ye Jingxuan coldly glanced at Yun Luofeng. “If the truth is that this bastard isn’t my eldest brother’s son, you won’t get away!”

After saying this, Ye Jingxuan waved his hand and led a group of guards out of the courtyard, hurriedly heading toward the court of the elders.

Only Yun Luofeng and her group remained inside the courtyard, but she was not reassured, so she set up a sound barrier in the surroundings that prohibited others from overhearing them.

“Father, Mother, I know you have many things to ask me. You can ask me now.” Yun Luofeng shrugged. “Also, no one will hear anything you ask.”

Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling looked at each other and wryly chuckled, “Feng’er, although this act of yours allowed us to remain in the Ye Estate, how should we deal with the blood test?”

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