Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 840 - Humiliation, Eye Roll (3)

Chapter 840: Humiliation, Eye Roll (3)

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Ye Tianwen flicked open his folded fan. “Father, don’t worry. I’m not someone who indulges in beautiful women. I know what I want! I’m merely lamenting that even useless bastards have admirers. After all, I have heard it was because the bastard was unable to cultivate that he was kicked out of his clan.”

How did a bastard who was unable to cultivate deserve to have beautiful women in his arms? Only ugly and unrefined women matched him.

Ye Jingxuan nodded in satisfaction. “Spies of the Ye Family have reported that Princess Mengyao has already returned, so you should seek her out in a moment. Also, I heard that Her Highness the Empress is sick, and the reason why Princess Mengyao left the Imperial City was to find medicinal herbs to treat Her Majesty’s illness. We have a thousand-year-old blood ginseng in our Ye Family, give it to Princess Mengyao.”

“Yes, Father,” Ye Tianwen reverently answered with his head lowered.

Not long after Ye Tianwen departed, the sound of a commotion traveled from outside of the door, and Ye Jingchen’s low voice was barely audible.

Ye Jingxuan’s face darkened, and an eerie and frightening smile appeared on his face. Without any hesitation, he strode out of the main hall.

Inside the courtyard, Ye Jingchen’s eyes faintly revealed his anger. His cold eyes directly stared at the man striding out of the main hall as he icily said, “Ye Jingxuan, what is the meaning of this? Prohibiting our entry? Don’t forget, I’m your eldest brother!”

Several years ago, he swallowed his anger and left the Ye Estate for peace. This time, he absolutely would not easily give up on the things that belong to him! He must retrieve what is his by right!

Ye Jingxuan darkly smiled. “Eldest Brother, have you misunderstood me? I didn’t reject your entry. Don’t forget, several years ago, you once said that you absolutely won’t step into the Ye Estate again in your lifetime. The guards of the Ye Family were merely fulfilling your words back then.”

His words meant that the one who prevented Ye Jingchen from entering wasn’t him, it was Ye Jingchen himself.

Ye Jingchen coldly said, “Don’t you know the reason I left the Ye Family back then? If you didn’t humiliate Jun’er, I wouldn’t have left!”

“Eldest Brother, I naturally have no problem if you and Eldest Sister-in-law wanted to return, but..” Ye Jingxuan glanced at Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao, who were standing beside Jun Fengling, with an eerie smile. “…these two people aren’t members of our Ye Family. They don’t have the right to enter the Ye Estate!”

Yun Luofeng faintly smiled, her smile was languid and wicked, and her dark eyes were clear.

“Ye Jingchen is my father-in-law, Jun Fengling is my mother-in-law, how come Yun Xiao and I can’t enter the Ye Estate?”

“Hoho,” Ye Jingxuan snorted. “Who doesn’t know that bastard is the child of Jun Fengling and some other man? Our Ye Family won’t accept this bastard. You should get lost!”

“Huohuo!” Yun Luofeng shouted as her eyes darkened.

Instantly, a little girl in red popped up from who knows where. Her figure was as quick as lightning and charged to the front of Ye Jingxuan in the blink of an eye. With a bang, she ruthlessly flung her palm on his face.

Ye Jingxun was stupefied. This little miss was too fast, so fast that he was unable to react.

After he uneasily recovered his wits, fury erupted in his eyes. “You have quite the guts, actually daring to hit me! Ye Jingchen, as the Young Master of the Ye Family, I command you to seize these two darn girls!”

Ye Jingchen coldly smiled and did not move a single millimeter.

“Great! Wonderful!” A cold glint flashed through Ye Jingxuan’s eyes, and he harshly ordered, “Capture these transgressors who betrayed the Ye Family!”

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