Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 838 - Humiliation, Eye Roll (1)

Chapter 838: Humiliation, Eye Roll (1)
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The Tianyun Kingdom

Outside the city gate, two guards stood near the city wall like unmoving mountains. There was also another person examining the official seals of the people coming and going. This seal represented the status of the factions within the Tianyun Kingdom and was used to prevent people from enemy kingdoms infiltrating inside.

Ye Jinchen pulled on the horse’s reins and stopped outside of the city gate. The guards clearly recognized Ye Jingchen and were startled by his appearance.

“Um… Eldest Young Master Ye, the Young Master of the Ye Family once ordered that you weren’t allowed to enter the city without his permission.”

The Ye Family was the number one aristocratic family in the Tianyun kingdom, and Ye Jingxuan’s words naturally had an effect on the guards of the city. Hence, without Ye Jingxuan’s permission, they truly did not dare to allow Ye Jingchen to enter the city.

Ye Jingchen’s features slowly darkened, and he coldly stated, “I am at least a member of the Ye Family. Locking me outside of the gate, have you asked for the opinion of the Master of the Ye Family?”

The guard sneered. “Eldest Young Master Ye, who in the whole Tianyun Kingdom doesn’t know that you’ve already been expelled out of the Ye Family? Hence, you are no longer a member of the Ye Family, and we naturally have the right to refuse to let you enter.”

Ye Jingchen narrowed his eyes and said with a snort, “That is only the decision of the elder group of the Ye Family, not the order of my father! Before he speaks to expel me from the Ye Family, I’m still a member of the Ye Family!”

It was obvious the guard was not too pleased. Just as he was about to speak in ridicule, the sound of horse hoofs was heard from not far away. Instantly, everyone’s line of sight trailed to the origin of the sound.

The sky was a storm of hoofs and dust.

Riding a horse, an extremely beautiful woman approached while flicking her whip. Her beauty was not the gentle type. Instead, it had the mannerism of a military general.

Her dress, made from thin, purple silk, fluttered in the sky. It was only when she reached the city gate that she hurriedly pulled on the reins and stopped. At the same time, the guards closely following after her also stopped and stood guard behind her like Mount Tai.

After seeing the woman, Ye Jingchen’s breathing suddenly halted, and he tightened his grasp on the reins in his hands.

The number one beauty in the Tianyun Kingdom, Jiang Mengyao! She was also the number one genius in the entire Imperial City, the aim of every talented and handsome youth.

However, this number one beauty chose Ye Tianwen of the Ye Family, which also became the basis of Ye Jingxuan’s flaunting.

“Ye Jingchen, I didn’t expect you to have to nerve to return to the Imperial City!” The corner Jiang Mengyao’s lips turned up as her dim eyes coldly watched Ye Jingchen and his wife. “Back then, you gave up my imperial aunt and chose to be with this woman, have you ever regretted it?”

Faced with Jiang Mengyao’s inquisition, Ye Jingchen merely snorted. His voice was unshakably determined. “To me, Jun’er is the wife I want to guard for the rest of my life! No one else can compare to her!”

So what if he would be the Prince Consort 1 of the Tianyun Kingdom? He did not value that position!

The only one in his life who had ever stirred his heart was Jun’er, nothing more was needed.

“Fine. I hope you will still have the courage to say these words in the future!” Jiang Mengyao coldly smiled and turned to the guards of the city gate. “Since they have returned to the Imperial City, then let them enter! I would like to see what commotion they can evoke inside the Imperial City!”

After saying this, Jiang Mengyao flicked the whip in her hand. Before departing though, she mockingly threw behind, “Ye Jingchen, Jun Fengling, you should thank me! Without me, you wouldn’t even have the right to enter the Imperial City!”

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