Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 837 - Heading to the Ye Estate

Chapter 837: Heading to the Ye Estate
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Watching Ye Jingxuan’s shocked state, the elderly man bitterly smiled. Back then, when his father told him about this, wasn’t he the same? However, the ancestral precept could not be disobeyed, so he can only accept this truth.

“Father, I understand.” Ye Jingxuan recovered his senses and said, “I will send someone to find that fox!”

Only then did the old man nod in satisfaction. “I didn’t break through during this seclusion, so I need to continue my seclusion in a few days! Xuan’er, although you and Chen’er aren’t from the same mother, you are still brothers. I hope you will have respect and fondness for each other, do you understand?”

Ye Jingxuan’s expression abruptly changed and he ingratiatingly smiled, “Father, rest assured, I have always respected Eldest Brother a lot, so why would I start trouble with him? I’m the type where even when I only have one piece of dessert left, I want to give it to Eldest Brother. If it’s possible, I want to give the position of the Young Master of the Ye Family to him, but unfortunately, Eldest Brother doesn’t have any heirs and the family’s elders simply won’t agree to my actions…”

This old b*stard, it looks like he still guessed my actions over this period of time, so he intentionally warned me! But there is no other way. To become the master of the Ye Family, I must keep this old fart happy.

The old man glanced at Ye Jingxuan. “If that’s really what you think, then I am reassured. In a moment, I will go choose a lucky day for Princess Mengyao and Wen’er. Following that, I will continue in seclusion and won’t leave seclusion until I make a breakthrough.”

“Yes, Father.” Ye Jingchen lowered his head, his lips turning up with an eerie smile.

As long as this old man entered seclusion, the entire Ye Family would become his world again! Although there were some voices of dissent inside the Ye Family elder group, it was of no concern. After all, in the end, his words were the final say in all matters.

Ye City, the Ye residence

After Jun Fengling left orders for some simple matters, she sent people to arrange their luggage. It wasn’t long before the servants of the Ye residence finished preparing the luggage and also led the horses kept inside the Ye residence to them.

Naturally, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao rode the same horse and Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling also rode the same horse. Only Ye Ximo and Ye Qi rode on their own.

Looking at the pairs of couples in front of him, Ye Ximo was a bit sad. “Previously, I was fed dog food by Foster Father and Foster Mother every day. Now, there is also Brother and Sister-in-law. It looks like it’s time for me to consider marriage as well.”

Ye Ximo might have quite a number of women around him, but he maintained a friendship with those women and had no intention of furthering their relationship. To him, the life he wanted was one as loving and affectionate as Foster Father and Foster Mother. Before he met someone he loved, he would rather remain single.

Ye Qi’s line of sight was obsessively trailing after Ye Ximo, but after hearing his words, pain pierced his heart and she lowered her eyes. She understood that Big Brother would never choose her! Since it was like this, she had no idea what frame of mind she should use to face Big Brother’s wife in the future.

Thankfully, Big Brother remained single all these years, so she did not have to consider this. Thinking about their future life though, her heart was harshly squeezed, and the hand she used to hold the horsewhip also involuntarily turned tighter.

“If we are all ready, then let’s head out.” Jun Fengling tightly hugged Ye Jingchen’s waist and leaned against his back, determination flashing through her features. “This time, I won’t back down no matter what.”

Whether it was for the unborn child inside of her or Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng, she wouldn’t allow anyone to bully them!


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