Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 836 - Huohuo's Identity

Chapter 836: Huohuo’s Identity

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However, before he reached the rear mountain, he discovered the aura that had always lingered around the rear mountain had disappeared. Instantly, his expression dramatically shifted, and he flung a slap toward the back of Ye Jingxuan’s head.

“Xuan’er, you have the nerve! You actually dared to dupe me! You still dare to say no one entered the rear mountain even now?”

Ye Jingxuan was stupefied by the slap. He dumbfoundedly looked at the old man. “Father, I really don’t know what happened. Moreover, isn’t the rear mountain forbidden grounds? Who dares to enter?”

The old man raised his hand again, but in the end, he helplessly lowered it. His geriatric face was covered in anger. “Do you know why the rear mountain is called the forbidden grounds?”

Ye Jingxuan shook his head. The Ye Family rear mountain was where the Ye Family’s secret was situated. Even though he was the Young Master of the Ye Family, he was not familiar with the rear mountain.

“The rear mountain is called the forbidden ground because a person lives on the mountain! No! She shouldn’t be called a person. According to my father, who’s your grandfather, the one who lives on the rear mountain is an incredibly strong fox.”


Ye Jingxuan was completely bewildered. How come he didn’t know the Ye Family had such a formidable spiritual beast?

The elderly man took a deep breath and continued, “That fox is our Ye Family ancestor’s teacher! Also, the Ye Family has a family precept that all of the descendants of the Ye Family must venerate this fox and obey her orders! I have never seen this fox, but I could feel the powerful aura from the rear mountain. Currently, all is quiet on the rear mountain, so do you dare to say that fox is still there?”

Ye Jingxuan rubbed the back of his head. “Did she leave on her own?”

“No! That fox absolutely won’t leave the rear mountain at random. Someone must have come and taken her away!” The old man said in disappointment, “When I entered seclusion, I told you to do a good job watching over the rear mountain. Where have you done these past years that you wouldn’t even know about such a large matter?”

Ye Jingxuan was very sullen. You can sense the aura on the rear mountain, but I can’t. Moreover, I really didn’t discover anyone coming to take the fox away…

“Immediately send someone to find her! Regardless of whatever remote corner you have to search for her, you must find her!” the old man strictly ordered with darkened features.

Ye Jingxuan hesitated for a moment. “Father, you haven’t seen that fox, so how should I find her?”

“I don’t care! It was your fault, so you will be responsible for this matter. About that fox, I can give you one piece of information. She is a female fox and only has eight tails.”

Of course, this piece of information was passed down from his ancestors, so he only knew these two points.

“Father, you are basically having me search for a needle in a haystack like this?” Ye Jingxuan feebly said after sighing.

The elderly man coldly glanced at him. “These two points should suffice. Also, after you find her, you mustn’t be rude to her. You must treat her with courtesy! If she is unwilling to return, then send someone to protect her.”

Ye Jingxuan truly did not understand his father’s behavior. In his mind, after finding that fox, wasn’t it fine if they designed a plan to snatch her back?

Perhaps the old man saw through Xue Jingxuan’s thoughts, he sighed and said, “Xuan’er, the objective of our Ye Family’s existence is to protect this fox. In other words, we are the servants of this fox. Have you ever seen a servant use force against his master?”

Ye Jingxuan stood in his spot, stunned. This news truly surpassed his knowledge.

The Ye Family existed these many years in order to protect a spiritual beast? The Ye Family that had always made him proud was merely that spiritual beast’s servant?

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