Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 835 - Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (6)

Chapter 835: Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (6)
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If she was willing to listen to Big Brother initially, so many problems would not have occurred! And she would not have deceived by someone for so long.

Thinking of this, Ye Qi glanced at the joyous and harmonious family inside the main hall. She desolately turned around and slowly left the courtyard.

As though sensing something, Yun Luofeng turned her head and stared at the Ye Qi’s figure in the distance.

People were strange like this. If they did not suffer a shock, they would never reflect upon themselves. If it weren’t for Xue Rou’er’s matter, Ye Qi would still be a willful young lady and had no clue about where she was wrong!

The Ye Estate

Deep inside a remote forest, a tightly closed door slowly opened. Shortly after, an elderly man wearing a green robe slowly walked out.

After seeing him, the people waiting outside of the door all kneeled on the ground and respectfully called, “Congratulations to Master for leaving seclusion!”

The elderly man nodded, his gaze sweeping past the group and landing on the man in front of him. “Xuan’er, while I was in seclusion these past few years, did anything happen?”

Ye Jingxuan was somewhat submissive. “Father, after you entered seclusion, a unanimous decision by the clan elders banished Elder Brother to the Ye City.”

The meaning of banished was that they were expelled from the Ye Family!

Ye Jingxuan naturally wanted to shove all the blame onto Ye Jingchen, but he understood that all of his lies would be discerned, so he was better off speaking the truth.

Thankfully, the elderly man only furrowed his brows and released a helpless sigh and did not scold Ye Jingchen for it.

“Perhaps it was best for them to leave. Being in Ye City would at least be better than staying at the Ye Estate!”

If Jun Fengling was not infertile, he would not have given the position of the Young Master of the Ye Family to Ye Jingxuan! After all, as the one in charge of the Ye Family, how could he not have any children?

As a matter of fact, compared with his second son, he preferred the mature and steady Ye Jingchen!

This was also why Ye Jingxuan resented Ye Jingchen out of jealousy!

Ye Jingxuan cast down his eyes and erased his previous submissive expression as malice flashed through his eyes.

After leaving the Ye Estate, could Eldest Brother live peaceful days?

No! He absolutely would not let him off! As long as Eldest brother remained alive, he would be unable to be the Young Master of the Ye Family without worry!

“Father,” Ye Jinghen looked up and continued saying, “there’s one more thing I need to report to you. Wen’er has a good relationship with the Princess of the Imperial Family. His Majesty also agreed to the marriage. We were only waiting for Father to leave seclusion before picking a date to betroth them.”

The Princess of the Imperial Family, Jiang Mengyao, was the most beautiful woman in the Imperial City. Her beauty was unparalleled, her talent was extraordinary, and even her medical skill was extremely outstanding! Being able to possess such a perfect daughter-in-law, it was no wonder that Ye Jingxuan would be this proud.

“Oh?” As expected, after hearing this, the old man’s heart jolted as well. “Good, this is quite good. Receiving the favor of the Imperial Family is fairly important for the development of our Ye Family.”

Ye Jingchen turned joyful. As long as he could step onto the same boat as the Imperial Family, Ye Jingchen would not snatch his power no matter how strong he was!

“Xuan’er, did anyone go to the rear mountain while I was secluded?” the elderly man aloofly asked with a slight furrow of his brows.

Ye Jingxuan reverently said, “Father, don’t worry. The rear mountain is our Ye Family’s forbidden area. No one would have the guts to go there.”

“Is that so? I should go to the rear mountain and take a look then.”

The elderly man felt like his mind was restless, so he walked toward the rear mountain without any hesitation after saying those words.


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