Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 834 - Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (5)

Chapter 834: Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (5)
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Facing the gentle-as-jade man, Yun Luofeng slightly nodded. “That was why I said the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid won’t appear again if the Ye Family Trading Company changes owners.”

Ye Jingchen was stupefied. At the end of the day, the seller of the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was actually Yun Luofeng? What was laughable was that his brother wanted to steal his trading company.

Compared with Ye Jingchen, Jun Fengling was a lot calmer. She clapped Yun Luofeng’s shoulders and wanted to say something but ended up sighing instead.

“My daughter-in-law is so capable and impresses me every time. Feng’er, I’m proud of you.”

Jun Fengling was very proud. Rightly so too, who else could get such a capable daughter-in-law like her? It appeared that her son had excellent standards, unlike Ye Jingchen’s brother Ye Jingxuan, who was as haughty as a peacock simply because his son got into the good graces of a princess.

How could that princess compare with her daughter-in-law?

“Feng’er.” Ye Jingchen patted Yun Luofeng’s hair with a wry smile and said, “You truly gave me a fright. However, you must hide those items in your hand with all means possible and not let other people see it. Otherwise, someone will inevitably covet it.”

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes and evilly smiled. “Since you already know about the origins of the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, at that time, give him the trading company after you swindle him. Also, before giving him the trading company, take away all the valuable medicinal herbs, don’t leave a single herb behind.”

Ye Jingchen was dumbstruck. He originally thought his wife was already wicked enough, but there were mountains higher than his wife. She was actually wicked to this degree. At that time, when that b*stard Ye Jingxuan obtained the empty shell of a trading company, he would probably want to cry.

“Brother Ye,” Jun Fengling faintly smiled, “previously I could disregard your status in the Ye Family. Now that we have a child, I must give the child a wonderful future, so I want you to return and take back what belongs to you.”

“Also…,” Jun Fengling paused and slightly narrowed her eyes, “if Ye Jingxuan learns we have a child, he won’t easily let us off! We must strike first and gain the upper hand! If you don’t want to be the head of the Ye Family, then turn it over to someone else after you attain the power! I won’t permit my child to be situated in a dangerous environment!”

This was the reason she wanted to return and seize power! Anyone could be the head of the Ye Family, except for Ye Jingxuan! Otherwise, with his unscrupulous personality, he would never leave their family in peace!

“Alright!” Ye Jingchen nodded. “I will listen to you. For our child, I will seize the power of the Ye Family once more!”

Jun Fengling smiled, her hand lightly stroking her belly with a brilliant light emitting from her face. This was a radiance that belonged to a mother!

Watching the blessed smile on Jun Fengling, Yun Luofeng silently decided that she would take care of potential trouble for Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling no matter what.

At some unknown time, Ye Qi appeared outside of the main hall. It was undeniable that she heard the words of her foster parents.

As soon as she thought of how the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was provided by Yun Luofeng, shame would overcome her. No wonder Big Brother was unwilling to take out the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid that day. It was actually because of Yun Luofeng. If it were her, she also would not give the medicinal liquid to someone antagonizing her.

Ye Qi tightly bit her lips. Through her reflection over the past few days, she already understood many problems! It was just like the advice that Yun Luofeng gave her.

The people who hurt her in her life will never be her family!

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