Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 833 - Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (4)

Chapter 833: Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (4)
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His kowtows were incredibly loud. It was not long before his forehead turned red and blood slowly oozed out.

“Remember, you are only a servant. Servants can never be disrespectful towards their masters. Instantly get lost!” Yun Luofeng released him, her wicked face chilly.

Since she accepted Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling, she would not permit anyone to be disrespectful to them! Even the Ye Family was not allowed!

Ye Ran hurriedly scurried out of the hall, scared witless. He was afraid that if he stayed even a little longer, he would be kept here by Yun Luofeng.

“Oh dear.” Watching the direction that Ye Ran left, Ye Jingchen bitterly smiled, “When this matter travels to my brother’s ears, I’m afraid he’ll hate me more.”

Yun Luofeng smiled and quipped, “Would he not hate you if you didn’t do this?

Ye Jingchen suddenly regained his wits. That’s right! Even if Ye Ran did not get beat up this time, his brother could still hate him! Since it was like this, why did it matter whether they hit Ye Ran? At the most, it merely intensified his hatred.

“Brother Ye,” Jun Fengling lightly frowned, “when we lived with the Ye Family previously, I could withstand a grievance no matter how big it was, but now, I have found my son and daughter-in-law. If the Ye Family wants to bully them, don’t blame me for being hostile!”

Ye Jingchen gently smiled and pulled Jun Fengling into the protection of his embrace.

“Jun’er, you’ve misunderstood. I wasn’t worried because I still cared about the Ye Family, I was merely afraid that brother of mine would hurt you. However, Feng’er was right. Even if this didn’t happen, he still wouldn’t let our family go.”

If Jun Fengling did not appear, the head of the Ye Family would certainly belong to Ye Jingchen and would have no way of ending up in his hands! And if Jun Fengling got pregnant, perhaps the position of the head would shift hands again.

With a dangerous quality like that, how could he not hate him? And how could he not harm Ye Jingchen’s life in any way possible? Hence, even if Yun Luofeng did not do that, he still would not let off Ye Jingchen!

“Jun’er, don’t worry, you guys are my only family! If the Ye Family really wants to harm you, I will protect your safety even if I lose my life.” Determination pervaded Ye Jingchen’s features. Ever since the Ye Family kicked them out of the clan years ago, he became disillusioned with them.

The only one he cared about in his life was Jun Fengling. As for Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng, it was only because of Jun Fengling.

“Father, Mother,” Yun Luofeng’s lips quirked up, “next time, if the Young Master of Ye Family wants the Ye Family Trading Company again, then mercilessly swindle him before giving the company to him.”

Ye Jingchen was startled and lightly frowned. “I’m afraid this is inappropriate. No matter how valuable the items that I swindle are, it still won’t compare to the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid inside the trading company.”

Yun Luofeng smiled with a raise of her brows. “Don’t worry. The Ye Family Trading Company that you give him will be nothing but an empty shell. Moreover, the words I told Ye Ran just now aren’t a bluff. If the Ye Family Trading Company changes owners, the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid won’t appear again.”

“Why?” Ye Jingchen grew more shocked.

The Ye Family Trading Company had always been managed by Ye Ximo, so he did not know the specific details. While Ye Jingchen puzzled over this matter, Ye Ximo’s cheery voice was heard outside of the main hall.

“Foster Father, Foster Mother, this matter is very simple. It’s because the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was provided by Sister-in-Law.”

Ye Jingchen’s heart jolted and his eyes went from its initial bewildered state to shock. His breathing sped up as well. “You… did your brother say the truth? The Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was truly provided by you?”

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