Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 831 - Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (2)

Chapter 831: Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (2)
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“Eldest Young Master, Second Young Master is the future head of the Ye Family after all. He wants you to leave Ye City, are you going to disobey? In truth, you only have yourself to blame for this. If you didn’t marry a hen who can’t lay eggs, the position of the future head of the Ye Family would not fall into Second Young Master’s hands.”

Relying on the power of the Second Young Master of the Ye Family, the middle-aged man evidently disregarded Ye Jingchen.

If they were talking about talent and strength, Ye Jingchen was undeniably number one. Unfortunately, his failure was in marrying a woman who could not have children. How could the future head of the Ye Family not have an heir?

Ye Jingchen snorted. “Kicking me out of Ye City and having you take over Ye Family Trading Company, do you dare to say that this isn’t because my brother covets the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid?”

The middle-aged man laughed but did not get annoyed. “Eldest Young Master, only you would be stupid enough to bring something like the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid out and sell it! If the Ye Family Trading Company was managed by me, I would use all of the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid to raise the strength of the Ye Family! Also, I would also win over the provider of the liquid to have him work himself to the bones for me!”

“Haha!” Ye Jingchen loudly laughed, fury evident in his laughter. “Do you think that a mysterious expert who can offer an item like the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid would willingly work himself to the bones for the Ye Family?”

“Eldest Young Master, your inability to win him over simply reveals your lack of power.” The man slowly stood up with a smile. “After all, you are someone who was kicked out of the Ye Family. If it weren’t for Second Young Master allowing you return this time out of the kindness of his heart, you would never be able to step inside the Ye Estate! However, Second Young Master is different from you. He’s the future head of the Ye Family. When other people hear his name, they scramble to curry his favor, so why would they refuse him?”

Ye Jingchen’s expression abruptly shifted. Fury rushed out of his gentle eyes, and his tightly clenched fists imperceptibly trembled.

However, a languid laughter suddenly came from outside the main hall.

“Could it be that you didn’t know the seller of the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was only willing to conduct the business transaction because they heard Father and Mother’s reputation? If it were someone else, I’m afraid they wouldn’t succeed in obtaining the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid.”

Outside the main hall, the rays of the sun fell from an angle. The girl, clothed in white, lazily leaned against the doorframe with a wicked upturn of her lips as she looked at the man sitting inside the main hall. A cold glint flashed through the bottom of her eyes.

It was obvious that she had appeared for a while already. She did not disturb them because she saw that Jun Fengling had a guest, but in the end, she could not resist speaking up.

These people spoke pretty words, saying that recalling Ye Jingchen to the Ye Family was an extraordinary favor, but in fact, they were concerned about the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid in the Ye Family Trading Company.

They remained high and mighty even now. But did they really think everyone was an idiot?

“Who are you? You truly have the guts!” The man’s face darkened. “Who permitted you to appear here? You are positively undisciplined.”

Ever since the middle-aged man appeared, Jun Fengling had stayed silent, but after seeing her chide Yun Luofeng like this, her expression instantly grew dark.

“She is my daughter-in-law, you better be more polite!”

“Daughter-in-law?” The man frowned, distaste flickering through his eyes. “So it’s the wife of that bastard of yours! In the end, she is nothing more than a bastard as well! Eldest Young Master, even if you want to marry, you should still find a better woman. This woman birthed a bastard already, what qualifications does she have to be the Young Madam of the Ye Family?”

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