Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 830 - Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (1)

Chapter 830: Someone Is Here from the Ye Family (1)

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“Yes!” Hearing him, a guard immediately came up and carried her on his shoulders before jumping over the wall.

Xue Rou’er’s heart already recovered from its initial despair. As long as Jun Fengling did not kill her on the spot, then she had a chance to escape! Perhaps she would even have an opportunity to avenge herself. Unfortunately, while dreams were beautiful, the reality was harsh.

Xue Rou’er overlooked the ‘take good care’ part of Jun Fengling’s words. It was only after she arrived at Drunken Flower House that she understood the true meaning of a nightmare…

Those men were like wolves and tigers, each torturing her with all of his strength. Added with that, her strength was already crippled, so how could she endure their torment? It was not long before she left the world behind under those men’s torment, and the person Xue Rou’er no longer existed in the world.

When news of Xue Rou’er’s passing away reached Ye Qi’s ears, Ye Qi was crying from the joy of Jun Fengling being pregnant, so when did she have the time to care?

That’s right! During these past few months, under Yun Luofeng’s treatment, Jun Fengling already completely recovered and got pregnant! With this good news, Ye Jingchen and his wife naturally pampered Yun Luofeng to the bones. It was truly adherent to the phrase, “Afraid that they would melt in your mouth and shatter in your hands.”

Ye Qi also did not treat Yun Luofeng with hostility like initially. She felt gratitude towards her for helping Jun Fengling. Moreover, her prior actions toward Yun Luofeng were instigated by Xue Rou’er, so why would she continue antagonizing her after knowing Xue Rou’er’s true colors?

However, she committed too many mistakes during those days, so she still did not dare to face Yun Luofeng even now.

At present, inside the courtyard of the Ye residence, Ye Qi was about to order the kitchen to prepare Jun Fengling’s meal when a young girl’s voice reached her ears.

“Ye Qi, where is Mother right now?”

Ye Qi was startled and looked up, seeing the girl’s absolutely beautiful and bewitching face. She blankly asked, “You are speaking to me?”

Yun Luofeng’s brows slightly wrinkled. “I want to find her.”

Ye Qi abruptly recovered her senses. Her emotions were a bit turbulent. “She is in the guest hall. Someone is here from the Ye Family, so she’s receiving them right now.”

“I understand.” After saying this, Yun Luofeng turned around and headed for the main hall.

Suddenly, a delicate voice was heard from behind her, making her steps briefly pause.

“I’m sorry.”

Ye Qi lowered her head, her face apologetic. “I know you won’t forgive me, but I still want to apologize to you. If I weren’t too stupid, I wouldn’t have listened to Xue Rou’er’s malicious provocation and did things that made you hate me…”

Yun Luofeng faced Ye Qi with her back and said with an indifferent voice, “Ye Qi, I will give you advice because of your mother. Anyone will harm you in this world, but only your family never will!”

Anyone will harm you in this world, but only your family never will!

Ye Qi was stunned and blankly watched Yun Luofeng’s departing figure, unable to regain her senses for a long while.

Main Hall

Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling sat in the chief seats and coldly watched the middle-aged man below them.

The middle-aged man placed down the teacup in his hands and faintly smiled. “Eldest Young Master, Young Madam, Second Young Master already persuaded the other elders inside the clan to allow you to return to the Ye Family. As for Ye City, I will temporarily be in charge of it.”

Ye Jingchen’s expression was very displeased as he snorted. “That guy would be this kind? Isn’t it because he has his eye on the Ye Family Trading Company’s current strength, so he wants to have you replace me? Let me tell you, I absolutely won’t withdraw from Ye City!”

The Ye Family Trading Company currently possessed merchandise like the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, bringing an extremely high profit to the trading company. How could that greedy younger brother of his let this type of good thing slip by? This was why he sent someone to take over for him.

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