Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 829 - The Death of Xue Rou'er (10)

Chapter 829: The Death of Xue Rou’er (10)
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“Today, I was curious why you arrived so late. You told me you were late because something suddenly came up. It turns out that something was committing murder and arson.” While saying this, Ye Qi started slowly walking toward Xue Rou’er.

Panic entered Xue Rou’er’s expression. “Qiqi, don’t you trust me?”

Ye Qi snorted. “How could I not trust you? It was because I trusted you that I disappointed Big Brother! It was also because of trust that I was used by you all along! Big Brother was right, someone like me will help the person who sold me count their money!”

At this moment, Ye Qi’s tone contained apparent despair. Her heart was clearly broken by her most trusted friend.

“Xue Rou’er, don’t bother defending yourself anymore! If the one who looked into the truth was Big Brother or Second Brother and Second Sister-in-law, I would definitely believe you another time! But this time, it was my foster mother who personally sent someone there, how should I continue to believe you?” Ye Qi coldly said.

“Besides, I still remember that when I saw you today, you had rice straws on you. Those straws are the evidence of your crime.”

Xue Rou’er withered. She understood that any further explanations would be useless. Suddenly, she started loudly laughing. Her laugh was miserable, akin to the wail of a ghost drifting in the wind.

“Yes! Yes, I did it, but so what? My fate was incredibly tragic. My biological father didn’t want me, and my seriously ill mother and I had to live codependently! Do you know how much work I put into returning to the Xue Family?”

She continued, “As long as I became Yun Xiao’s wife, I would receive the protection of Madam Ye. At that time, the Xue Family would take me back with pomp and circumstance. If my fate wasn’t like this, why would I do something like that? So, Ye Qi, I truly admire you. You are parentless, but you luckily got adopted by the Ye Family. Why don’t I have this type of luck?”

Even up until now, Xue Rou’er blamed every mistake she committed on fate and did not reflect on her behavior at all…

Ye Qi closed her eyes. It was a while before she reopened them. “Foster Mother, I said that if Xue Rou’er really unjustly accused Huohuo, I wouldn’t speak a word on her behalf regardless of whether she was punished by death or cuts.”

“Mo’er, take her from here.” Jun Fengling sighed. “I will handle what follows.”

“Alright.” Ye Ximo glanced at Ye Qi. “Let’s go.”

After today’s events, he understood that Ye Qi would be changed for certain and would not believe another person as easily as before.

“Qiqi!” Xue Rou’er panicked and extended her hand, wanting to grab Ye Qi, “Don’t go! I know I was wrong. I truly know I was wrong. I don’t want to die yet; I beg you to not abandon me.”

If it was previously, Ye Qi definitely would stay behind to plead on Xue Rou’er’s behalf. Now, her steps did not contain any hesitation as she followed Ye Ximo out of the courtyard.

“Feng’er,” Jun Fengling faintly smiled, “how do you want to punish her?”

Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin. “She wanted to seduce my man, so that means she really needs a man! Perhaps she would be interested in the brothels!”

“Great!” Jun Fengling immediately slapped the table and decided, “Although this woman lost a hand, her looks are still decent. She should be able to be sold for more than twenty taels of silver.”

The moment she heard that she would be sent to a brothel, Xue Rou’er started struggling. However, she barely had the time to struggle before Ye Jingchen crippled her strength.

“Someone, sell her to the Drunken Flower House. Also, tell the boss to take good care of her.”

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