Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 827 - The Death of Xue Rou'er (8)

Chapter 827: The Death of Xue Rou’er (8)

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Yun Luofeng silently walked over to the guards. Her brows furrowed upon smelling the scent emitting from their body.

Amortentia poison, colorless and tasteless. But that was only to other people, Yun Luofeng could still smell it.

“They were poisoned with Amortentia poison,” Yun Luofeng indifferently stated and looked up.


When Xue Rou’er heard Yun Luofeng mention Amortentia poison, her head exploded.

She knew…

How could she possibly know?

Xue Rou’er tightly bit her lips. She first recalled Yun Xiao’s insusceptibility to the Amortentia poison and then associated it with Yun Luofeng’s quick detection of Amortentia. She suddenly felt like she seemed to have fallen into a plot…

“Amortentia?” Jun Fengling was startled.

She did not know medical skills, but she still knew about Amortentia! She did not expect Xue Rou’er to bring it here to harm her son!

In an instant, rage overwhelmed Jun Fengling’s heart, and her furious gaze turned to Ye Qi. “Look at this, this is the friend you made! There’s no way she will take a single step out of the Ye residence today!”

Ye Qi’s face turned ashen as she hurriedly set her sight on Xue Rou’er, hoping she would give her an explanation. However, there was nothing. Xue Rou’er was intently staring at Yun Luofeng with eyes widened in panic.

At that moment, her heart chilled. Could it be that Xue Rou’er’s motive for coming to the Ye residence was Yun Xiao?

“Feng’er, can you cure those two?” Jun Fengling asked as she looked at Yun Luofeng again.

Yun Luofeng smiled. “Amortentia isn’t anything serious. Their mind is simply bewitched. I only need to perform acupuncture on them to make them return to normal.”

After saying that, Yun Luofeng pulled out a bag of needles from the folds of her clothes and carefully took out the needles and inserted them into the guards’ shenting acupuncture point.

Shortly after, the two guards’ expressions recovered their clarity. They looked at each other in puzzlement, clearly still not knowing what had happened. It was a long while before they remembered their earlier behavior, and their expression drastically transformed.

“Master, Madam, please spare my life! This subordinate doesn’t know what happened. When Xue Rou’er pleaded with me, I could not reject her at all. Please give me another chance, Master, Madam!” the guard plaintively begged as he harshly kowtowed.

“Although this matter wasn’t your intention, if you didn’t give her a chance, she would have been unable to use Amortentia to harm you! Hence, you still need to pay for the mistake that you committed! Guards, escort them away. They will be imprisoned for three months, and half of their month’s pay is taken away!”

The guards understood that Jun Fengling was already extremely generous with this punishment, so they hurriedly kowtowed in thanks and followed two other guards away.

The Amortentia poison was already detoxified, so they did not glance at Xue Rou’er even a single time from start to end…

All of a sudden, a man in black walked to Jun Fengling and whispered a few sentences to her. After hearing the man’s words, the smile on her lips deepened.

“Bring him here.”

“Yes, Madam.” The black-clothed man retreated with his orders.

After the man departed, Jun Fengling looked at the deathly pale Xue Rou’er. “Xue Rou’er, I brought a person here to see you. You will definitely be interested in this person…”

Just as her words finished, the black-clothed man came in with a strong man in his grasp and mercilessly tossed him to the ground.

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