Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 826 - The Death of Xue Rou'er (7)

Chapter 826: The Death of Xue Rou’er (7)
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Yun Xiao was as cold as always. “She wanted to seduce me! And even claimed that Feng’er was inferior to her.”

Jun Fengling’s face turned completely dark. She snorted, her lips turning up in a sneer. “Feng’er is inferior to you? Xue Ruo’er, aren’t you overestimating yourself? Do you think I will accept anyone? You’re wrong, I accepted Feng’er because she is Yun Luofeng. If it were anyone else, I would not have accepted her.”

When those people reported news of Yun Xiao to Ye Jingchen, they also mentioned Yun Luofeng. Hence, Jun Fengling already knew about all of Yun Luofeng’s behaviors over the years and had great admiration for her. However, Xue Ruo’er just had to go and claim that Yun Luofeng was inferior to her.

What a joke!

The daughter-in-law that Jun Fengling takes a liking to, how could she be less than such a pretentious woman?

“No, it’s not like that.” Pain emitted from Xue Ruo’er’s dismembered hand in waves, and even her body started to slightly twitch. However, in order to defend herself, she determinedly endured it. “I didn’t think about seducing Young Master Xiao. It was Young Master Xiao… he wanted to molest me, but I rejected him, so he chopped off my hand.”

Fury boiled in Jun Fengling. “My son wanted to molest you? Who do you think you are? You can’t compare to even a toe of my daughter-in-law. Why would my son leave behind his beautiful wife for a revolting woman like you?”

“Madam Ye… you mustn’t be unreasonable,” Xue Rou’er’s face turned pale as she continued to defend herself, “You didn’t see anything, so how can you prove that I seduced Young Master Xiao?”

No matter what, she could not admit it! Otherwise, Jun Fengling certainly won’t let her off!

“Didn’t you say you weren’t thinking about seducing my son? Then why did you come here?” Jun Fengling snorted. “If you really didn’t have any ulterior motives, you should have obediently stayed inside the woodshed. Why did you appear in the main court?”

On the side, Ye Qi, whose face was originally full of anxiousness, was startled after hearing Jun Fengling’s words.

That’s right, if Rou’er did not have any ulterior motives, why didn’t she remain inside the shed and wait for her innocence to be cleared. Why did she show up in front of Yun Xiao?

Ye Qi was at a lost. She had trusted Xue Rou’er without a doubt for all these years, so she naturally did not dare to believe that this was all her lie.

“Master, Madam, this subordinate has brought them here.”

At this time, the people who went to capture the two watch guards brought them over.

Those two guards saw Xue Rou’er in a puddle of blood as soon as they arrived. Their legs grew weak, and they collapsed on the ground with a face of despair.

What they most worried about still happened!

“Tell me!” Jun Fengling’s features darkened as she coldly questioned, “Who permitted you to secretly release Xue Rou’er?”

The two guards instantly regained their senses and fiercely kowtowed.

“Madam, I was wrong. I’m willing to die for my crime! I just beg Madam to pardon Miss Xue.”

Even now, the two guards continued to protect Xue Rou’er, so much so that they were willing to exchange their death for her survival!

Jun Fengling faintly caught the scene of an unusual air. She was certain that these two guards were not acquainted with Xue Rou’er at all before today. How did a mere day change them and cause them to be willing to die for her?

“There’s something wrong.” Sensing something, Yun Luofeng imperceptibly raised her brows. “I want to check their body.”

Jun Fengling looked at Yun Luofeng in suspicion. “Did you discover something? What is wrong with these two?”

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