Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 823 - The Death of Xue Rou'er (4)

Chapter 823: The Death of Xue Rou’er (4)
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Xue Rou’er inwardly snorted.

While Jun Fengling was separated from her son all these years, she felt very guilty toward him in her heart and wanted to make it up to him! Otherwise, why else would she indulge Yun Luofeng this much? If I became Jun Fengling’s daughter-in-law, she could do nothing but pander to her as well! Otherwise, how could her son easily forgive her for abandoning him for all those years?

It was laughable that Xue Rou’er simply did not understand Jun Fengling’s indulgence toward Yun Luofeng was not done out of guilt for Yun Xiao!

She did have guilt, but she did not indulge Yun Luofeng because of that. The true reason she accepted Yun Luofeng originated from Yun Luofeng herself! Otherwise, with her personality, even if Jun Fengling reluctantly accepted her daughter-in-law due to her son, she still would not protect her without reservations like that. The mere fact that Jun Fengling gave her most treasured item to Yun Luofeng was an indication that she liked this daughter-in-law from the bottom of her heart. Some of her affection for Yun Luofeng was due to her son, but more of it was due to her own charm.

Xue Rou’er looked up, and the ice in her eyes slowly disappeared, replaced by a pitiful expression.

“Brother guards, I want to go out to relieve myself. Can you please let me leave for a moment?”

Outside the woodshed, the two guards looked at each other with perplexion. Soon after, one of the guards coldly said, “Madam ordered us to not allow you to take a single step outside the woodshed. If you want to relieve yourself, do it in there.”

Xue Rou’er’s eyes flicked as she continued softly saying, “But there isn’t a chamber pot inside this shed. If brothers aren’t willing to let me leave, can you bring me a chamber pot?”

The two guards hesitated for a moment before agreeing, “Alright, wait a moment!”

Xue Rou’er’s ability was not that great and could not escape from them, so they did not have any suspicion and went to prepare a chamber pot for her.

Hearing the sound of footsteps gradually walking farther away, a sinister smile appeared on her face. Then, she took out the Amortentia poison given to her by Jin Yu and trickled a drop on her body.

This poison was colorless and tasteless, so normal people could not sense it at all.

Not long after, the sound of the chains unlocking could be heard from outside, and the two door guards walked in from the outside, blocking the entryway like a statue.

“Here’s your chamber pot,” the guard coldly said as he placed the pot on the ground.

“Thank you, brothers.”

Xue Rou’er peered up with a delicate and gentle smile. Her voice was very soft, akin to a claw grazing their heart.

The two guards were normally calm people, but when Xue Rou’er sent them a look, their heart nearly jumped out of their chest for reasons unknown. This was their first time discovering how dainty and charming Xue Rou’er could appear.

“Cough cough,” one of the guards dryly coughed and wanted to suppress his pounding heart. Unfortunately, his eyes kept stealing glances at Xue Rou’er every now and then with shyness on his face.

Seeing the Amortentia poison taking effect, Xue Rou’er turned joyful. Her face showed no sign of it though and remained pitiful.

“Brothers, I am awfully bored in this shed and want to take a walk, can I? I guarantee I won’t leave the Ye residence.”


The two guards looked at each other, their eyes full of struggle.

“Madam ordered that you’re not allowed to leave.”

Xue Rou’er hurriedly raised two fingers and swore, “I swear that I won’t head to the main court and won’t leave the Ye residence. I just want to have some quiet time by myself. Please help me, brothers.”

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