Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 822 - The Death of Xue Rou'er (3)

Chapter 822: The Death of Xue Rou’er (3)
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Jun Fengling’s lips donned on a smile as she turned to look at Yun Luofeng. “You two are also tired, aren’t you? Go back and rest well. I will have a maidservant go and call you when it’s dinner time.”

While saying this, Jun Fengling kept making eyes at Yun Xiao. She did not forget to order, “Go and properly make a child.”

Some embarrassment appeared on Yun Luofeng’s face. Although she slept in the same bed as Yun Xiao for so many days, nothing actually happened. So it was impossible for them to make a child.

However, to Jun Fengling’s request, Yun Xiao cooly responded, “Alright.”


Yun Luofeng’s face darkened. “Yun Xiao!”

The usually obedient Yun Xiao did not go along with Yun Luofeng this time though. His cold features were filled with determination as he said, “We’ll quickly procreate!”

“No! Don’t be too quick. It’s better to be slower for this type of thing,” Jun Fengling retorted with a nefarious smile.

Yun Xiao was startled and cast a glance a Yun Luofeng in confusion, as though asking her the meaning behind Jun Fengling’s words.

Yun Luofeng’s face grew darker. She did not expect Jun Fengling would be this… dirty.

“I won’t disturb you then, haha.” Jun Fengling’s emotions could not help but brighten after seeing Yun Luofeng’s dark look, and she said, “Brother Ye, let’s go. We will also return to our room to rest a little!”

But when she walked pass Yun Xiao, she paused briefly and her smile grew bigger. “Son, work hard. Mother is waiting to hold a grandson.”

Then, Ye Jingchen and she walked outside the main hall hand in hand, leaving the space for the two of them.

Seeing how the main hall emptied, Yun Luofeng took a few steps toward Yun Xiao with an evil smile. “You want to know what your mother’s words meant?”

Yun Xiao honestly nodded. He really wanted to know.

“Your mother meant”—Yun Luofeng’s lips neared Yun Xiao, her dark eyes glittering with a wicked light—”when you are in bed… last longer.”

Yun Xiao watched her as he stated with a rough voice, “No matter how my power advanced during these past years, I never gave up on training my physique.”


What did this have to do with lasting longer?

“Training my physique means that my stamina is also greater”—Yun Xiao briefly paused—”So you can rest assured.”

Yun Luofeng chuckled. Her hand extending into the folds of Yun Xiao’s clothing, her fingers slowly tracing the man’s abs.

“It is true that I was attracted by your abs ever since I saw you that first time…”

If she did not strip away Yun Xiao’s clothing, it was hard to imagine that he would have these eight-pack abs. After all, the muscles on his body are not apparent from the exterior.

To use a common saying to describe him: He appears thin when clothed and beefy when naked, the perfect golden-standard figure.

No! This guy’s physique was an even higher level than a golden-standard figure!

“It looks like I will need to think of a way to break through to god level faster…” Yun Luofeng muttered to herself as she retracted her hand and lightly stroked her chin.

It was the deep of night.

Inside the woodshed, Xue Rou’er stood up from the ground littered with firewood and slapped the dust from her body before walking towards the door.

However, the door was locked shut by a chain, so she was unable to open it from the inside.

Her expression could not help but darken as a vicious glint, akin to a poisonous dagger, flickered through the bottom of her eyes.

“Jun Fengling, I didn’t expect you to guard against me to this degree! Wait until I have enticed your son. Even if you don’t want to accept me then, you must accept me anyways once your son is in love me with me.”

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