Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 819 - I Won't Take This Blame (2)

Chapter 819: I Won’t Take This Blame (2)
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“Qiqi,” Jun Fengling asked with a frown, “you said you came to us to verify something, what is it?”

Ye Qi glanced at Huohuo, who was sitting at the table and eating an apple. “Foster Mother, Ruo’er’s house was burned down just now. According to witnesses, they saw Huohuo appear near there, so I came here to verify where Huohuo went half an hour ago.”

Huohuo took a bite of the apple and looked up a Ye Qi as she asked in a childish tone, “Are you saying that I set her house on fire?”

Ye Qi bit her lips. “That’s not what I meant. I only came to ask where you were during that time.”

“Although that’s not what you meant, you still suspect me of committing arson.” Huohuo stood up with a cold smile and roughly tossed the remaining half of the apple at Xue Ruo’er.

Xue Ruo’er was caught by surprise, and the apple forcefully slammed into her head, turning it red.

Ye Qi was startled, not expecting Huohuo to directly act without a word! She did not even have a single explanation!

“Do you see this?” Huohuo looked at Xue Ruo’er and proudly lifted her chin. “If I want to hit her, I’ll hit her. If I want to kill her, I’ll kill her. I never deny the things I do! But if you want me to take the blame for committing arson, I’m sorry, I won’t take this blame!”

Ye Qi grew silent. This girl dared to hit Xue Ruo’er in front of them, so if she was really the one who set the fire, she probably would not deny it. Since she was not admitting to it, did it mean that the true culprit was not her?

“Qiqi,” Xue Ruo’er came back to her senses, and looked at Ye Qi with tearful eyes while massaging her aching head, “I already said that she wasn’t the arsonist. You should have believed me and shouldn’t have come here to ask about this.”

Ye Qi was clearly sticking up for her, but when she said it, it became nosily meddling in other people’s business!

Jun Fengling’s eyes darkened. She had lived for a long time and schemed against many other people, so how could she not hear the deeper meaning behind Xue Ruo’ers words?

“Since we already proved that Huohuo wasn’t the one who set the fire, we don’t have anything else.” Jun Fengling turned her head away from Xue Ruo’er. “I know you don’t have anywhere else to go recently, but I don’t have any spare rooms for you in the Ye residence, you should go find lodging at some inn instead.”

Xue Ruo’er’s expression shifted. The Ye residence was giant, so how could it not have any spare rooms? Jun Fengling simply did not want her to stay.

“Madam,” Xue Ruo’er hurriedly kneeled down and kowtowed, her head loudly banging against the ground, “I beg you to take me in! I won’t stay here for too long, just a few nights at most. I guarantee that I won’t cause any trouble for Madam or spy on Young Master Xiao.”

After kowtowing to her, she hastily crawled over to Yun Luofeng with a pitiful expression, “Miss Yun, I know you have some misunderstandings about me, but I swear that I truly never had any ulterior motives toward Young Master Xiao. I beg you to let me stay a few days! I’m willing to be your maidservant and serve you.”

I will let you run satisfied a little more. After I successfully obtain Yun Xiao’s good graces, I will make you pay for today’s events!

Xue Ruo’er cast her gaze downward, a malicious light flashing through her eyes.

“Foster Mother…” Ye Qi could not steel her heart to this and was about to speak on Xue Ruo’er’s behalf when Jun Fengling’s cold voice halted her.

“Enough! Not letting you stay is my idea. Don’t harass my daughter-in-law. If you insist on being like this, don’t blame me for being rude!” Her palm slammed down on the table, splitting it in half in an instant, and it fell on the ground.

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