Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 818 - I Won't Take This Blame (1)

Chapter 818: I Won’t Take This Blame (1)
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Xue Ruo’er covered her lips while sobbing sporadically, her eyes gleaming with tears. At first glance, her words might be exculpating Huohuo, but in truth, she was telling Ye Qi that the one who committed arson and murder was Huohuo!

Since that girl could viciously beat her up prior to this, what else wouldn’t she do?

Fury burst into Ye Qi’s heart, and she nearly rushed to seek retribution from Huohuo! However, just as the urge rose up in her, she suddenly recalled Ye Ximo’s cold eyes, and it immediately cleared her head.

“Ruo’er, come with me to the Ye residence, and I will ask whether she did this. Also, since you have nowhere else to go, I will beg Foster Mother to let you stay a few days.”

Xue Ruo’er froze and even forgot to keep crying.

According to Ye Qi’s personality, after hearing those words, shouldn’t she immediately go to kill Huohuo in anger to avenge her? Why was she going to inquire about the truth of the matter still?

No matter what though, she would be able to stay at the Ye residence tonight! As long as she stayed there, she would have a chance to obtain Yun Xiao! Once Yun Xiao fell in love with her, the command of Ye City would be in her hands!

Compared to the dispute occurring in the outside world, the Ye residence appeared to be full of joy and harmony.

However, at this time, a male servant walked in and hurriedly reported, “Master, Madam, Miss has returned, and Miss Xue is with her.”

While outside, everyone called Ye Jingchen ‘Young Master’, but the servants of the Ye residence all called him ‘Master’.

Hearing that Xue Ruo’er came to the Ye residence again, Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling both did not look too pleased.

“I already said my home doesn’t welcome that girl, why doesn’t Qiqi listen?” Jun Fengling furrowed her brows. “Moreover, I told Qiqi to stay at home and reflect on her mistakes, who permitted her to go out?”

“Madam, Miss said that Miss Xue’s home was burned down, so she has nowhere else to live now!” the servant reverently reported, “Also, Miss also said that she brought Miss Xue here to verify something.”

Jun Fengling’s eyes darkened. “Let them come in. I would like to see what they came here to verify.”

As her foster daughter, Ye Qi typically did not need to be announced when she came to see her, but because she had Xue Ruo’er with her, she was stopped by the servants.

In the face of all this, Yun Xiao remained expressionless and silently peeled off grape skin for Yun Luofeng before lifting the translucent grape to her lips.

“Cough, cough,” Jun Fengling dryly coughed before glaring at Ye Jingchen in reproach beside her. “Do you see how considerate and warm my son is? Why don’t you learn from him?”

Ye Jingchen chuckled and slipped his arm around Jun Fengling’s shoulders. “If you wanted me to feed you grapes, you should have mentioned it sooner. When don’t I satisfy your wishes?”

Jun Fengling slapped his arm away and playfully protested, “Why do you need me to say these things? You doing it on your own and you doing it after a reminder from me are two completely different things! If you need me to remind you, then the action loses its meaning. I think you should learn from my son.”

Ye Jingchen coughed in embarrassment. Someone as old as him still needed to have a junior teach him how to woo a woman? However, if it could make Jun Fengling smile, perhaps he could go learn a few tricks from him…

If those old antiques from the Ye Family learned of this though, they would probably harp on him about it for a long while.

While Ye Jingchen contemplated this matter, Ye Qi and Xue Ruo’er were already walking in from outside the door. The current Xue Ruo’er was incredibly paled and appeared to have suffered an enormous blow and would collapse at any moment, as though a light breeze would knock her over.

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