Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 817 - Xue Rou'er is Duped (4)

Chapter 817: Xue Rou’er is Duped (4)
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“Forget it, I can forgive you for this matter, but you must not act on your own in the future!” Bai Su extended his hand and lifted Jin Yu from the ground while saying, “Our hope to use the Ye Family is already shattered. I can only recuperate for now.”

“Yes.” Jin Yu looked up, her face resuming its usual icy look.

Inside a private room of the restaurant, faced with a table full of dishes, Ye Qi did not have any appetite. She tiredly leaned against the back of the chair, and her head was drooping down.

The door of the room was opened at that moment. When she saw Xue Ruo’er walking in, her eyes instantly brightened and she stood up. “Ruo’er, you are here.”

Xue Ruo’er walked toward Ye Qi with a faint smile that made her picturesque features bloom.

“Qiqi, you must have waited for a while, right? I’m sorry. Something suddenly came up, so I’m really late.”

“It’s nothing.” Ye Qi generously waved her hand in dismissal. “These dishes are a bit cold though. I will have a waiter heat it up later. Right, Ruo’er, where did you go just now? Why do you have stalks of straw on you?”

Ye Qi brushed away the straw on Xue Ruo’er’s back with eyes full of curiosity, missing the panic in Xue Ruo’er’s eyes.

“I… I don’t know where I acquired it.” Xue Ruo’er smoothed her expression and said with a smile, “It’s late, let’s eat first, then you should go home. Otherwise, Madam Ye will certainly get angry. I don’t want your family’s peace to be disturbed because of me…”

Xue Ruo’er looked down in sorrow, her face brimming with dejection. It was as though she was both happy about Ye Qi’s family reunion and also sad that she could not stay friends with Ye Qi.

Ye Qi originally wanted to grill Xue Ruo’er about whether she really had ulterior motives regarding Yun Xiao, but she was unable to say anything after seeing her like this.

She was about to comfort Xue Ruo’er, but before she could say anything, a muscular man broke in and panted, “Ruo’er, some mishap happened at your house!”

“What did you say?” Xue Ruo’er blinked in confusion as she asked, “What mishap happened at my house?”

“Ruo’er, your house was burned down, and your ill mother was buried in the flames.”

The strong man appeared as though he had to use all of his strength to utter those words.

Xue Ruo’er’s sight went dark, and her body fell back.

“Ruo’er!” Ye Qi caught Xue Ruo’er with agility, but her voice was trembling. “Why is it like this? Why did a fire start in Ruo’er’s house for no reason?”

While Ye Qi’s eyes were filled with frantic, Xue Ruo’er opened her eyes and communicated with the man with her eyes.

“I also don’t know what happened.” The man’s eyes flickered as he said, “I heard the neighbors say that there was an eight- or nine-year-old little girl in red who kept loitering near Ruo’er’s house. But I don’t know whether the fire has anything to do with her.”

Eight or nine-year-old little girl in red? Could it be Huohuo?

Ye Qi did not see the look that passed through the two of them, so the first person she thought of after hearing the man’s words was Huohuo.

It could not be helped that the little girl had a past record!

“Qiqi!” Xue Ruo’er tightly grabbed Ye Qi’s hands as tears flowed down her face. “I believe in Huohuo, this matter definitely doesn’t have anything to do with her. Although she fiercely beat me up back then, I don’t believe that the girl is cruel to this extent and would commit arson and murder! The only pity is my old, bedridden mother leaving me like this…”

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