Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 816 - Xue Rou'er is Duped (3)

Chapter 816: Xue Rou’er is Duped (3)
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“That’s right!” Xue Rou’er snorted, “I don’t think I am worse than Yun Luofeng. My only shortcoming is meeting Yun Xiao later than her! However, I truly don’t understand why Yun Xiao’s mother takes such a shine to her but belittles me! From what I heard, Yun Luofeng came from Longxiao Continent, so her status is lower than mine!”

Jin Yu’s expression slowly grew cold. She did not like hearing those words. What did she mean she was not worse than Yun Luofeng? If Yun Luofeng was inferior, why would her master want to marry her by any possible means? Was she saying that Yun Xiao had bad taste? Didn’t that also mean her master had bad taste?

Jin Yu deeply loved Bai Su, so how could she permit anyone to say anything bad about him? Hence, anger rushed into her heart, and she said with a frosty smile, “There is a method for you to obtain Yun Xiao.”

“What method?” Xue Rou’er’s eyes lit up as she asked.

A sinister emotion flickered through Jin Yu’s eyes. “I have a bottle of medicinal liquid here. You only need to spray it on yourself, and it will make the one you want to seduce fall deeply in love with you.”

After saying this, Jin Yu dug out a bottle from the folds of her clothes and handed it to Xue Rou’er.

“I originally wanted to give this to Ye Qi, but that girl didn’t fall into my trap, so I can only give it to you.”

Xue Rou’er hesitantly accepted the bottle and asked, “This medicinal liquid can really make Yun Xiao fall in love with me?”

She was used to being cautious. This medicinal liquid might be poisonous, which was why she asked that.

Jin Yu coldly chuckled. “You only need a drop of this liquid, and it will have an effect. If you don’t believe me, you can find someone else to test it out. I can only help you to this point.”

Only after hearing that did Xue Rou’er put away the bottle without worry. She looked up at Jin Yu and asked with suspicion, “Why do you want to help me?”

Jin Yu glanced at her. “My master likes Yun Luofeng and wants to separate them! Otherwise, why do you think I went to Ye Qi? I already said my piece, whether you are willing to use this medicinal liquid is up to you.”

She was not as patient toward Xue Rou’er as she was with Ye Qi. After saying everything necessary, she left the restaurant without any hesitation.

Not long after Jin Yu walked out of the restaurant, she turned into an alley, and a small figure descended from the sky and landed in front of her.

“Master,” Jin Yu respectfully called while kneeling on the ground and cupping her fists.

A young boy stood in front of her. He was very fair and adorable, but his face contained a bewitching and cold quality that did not match his age, and his dark eyes twinkled with an eerie light.

“Why did you do that just now?” Bai Su slowly walked over to Jin Yu and raised his chin up, haughtily looking down at the kneeling woman. “Didn’t you know that Yun Xiao is impervious to poison? Your Amortentia poison is useless for him.”

Jin Yu replied with her head lowered, “This subordinate knows that. It’s just, that little girl is too insolent and actually claimed that she wasn’t inferior to Yun Luofeng. If Yun Luofeng was truly that lacking, you wouldn’t want to marry her, Master! This subordinate doesn’t like other people questioning Master’s taste, so I acted on my own. Please pardon me, Master.”

In the beginning, Jin Yu did not acknowledge Yun Luofeng’s excellence either, but she finally witnessed her growth over this past year. Her master would not woo her otherwise.

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