Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 815 - Xue Rou'er is Duped (2)

Translator: Zen_ Editor: Rock

“You again?” A small frown appeared on Ye Qi’s pretty face. She impatiently glanced at the red-robed woman and asked, “Why do you keep bothering me?”

Ever since this woman found her a few days ago, she kept praising Yun Xiao in front of her, but her heart already admitted Ye Ximo, so she would not like other men no matter how good they were.

“Miss Ye, I don’t have any bad intentions. I only wanted to tell you everything that I know! I heard that your missing second brother is a besotted and exceptional good man. If you obtain him, he will certainly only have affections for you, so I merely want to help you…”

“Apologies, I’m not interested.” Ye Qi’s expression darkened. “If you don’t have anything else, don’t find me. If my foster father and mother heard your words, they definitely wouldn’t let me off!”

Hearing this, Jin Yu’s brows went up. “You don’t have any interest in Yun Xiao indeed, but I know who’s the person in your heart.”

Ye Qi’s body abruptly froze. She spun around with ice in her eyes. “What do you mean?”

Jin Yu’s face was coldly gorgeous. “Don’t you understand what I mean? Do you want me to say Ye Ximo is the one you like in front of everyone? However, I heard that Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao are already here, but the one you like keeps protecting them and opposing you. Don’t you hate it?”

She successfully saw Ye Qi’s abrupt change of expression and slowly approached her.

“So, we can cooperate! As long as you’re willing…”

“Enough!” Ye Qi started trembling and angrily shouted, “My life was given by Foster Father and Foster Mother, but you want to make me pay back their kindness with malice? So what if I dislike them? I still won’t do anything that will make Foster Mother sad!”

Jin Yu was taken back. Just as she wanted to say something else to provoke Ye Qi, the girl headed up to the second floor and disappeared from her sight.

Watching the direction that Ye Qi left, Jin Yu’s heart suddenly sunk. A cold smile appeared on her face and she turned around, wanting to leave the restaurant.

However, a soft voice was suddenly heard from the side. “You know Yun Luofeng?”

Jin Yu turned around with raised brows and was met with a gentle and beautiful face.

The pretentious girl was dressed completely in white. Hatred flashed through her eyes in the blink of an eye, but Jin Yu still easily caught it.

“You are…” Jin Yu asked with a slight frown.

Xue Rou’er tightly clenched her fists. “I’m Ye Qi’s friend and have a close relationship with the Ye Family.”

“You know Yun Luofeng?” Jin Yu’s lips quirked up. “You are enemies with her?”

“That’s right, we are irreconcilable enemies!” Xue Rou’er purposefully lowered her voice, and an intense hatred emitted from her eyes. If someone unaware saw this, they would think the other person excavated her ancestors’ graves.

“Tell me more.” Jin Yu was quite interested.

Yun Luofeng had not arrived the Land of No Return for that long, but she had already made an enemy? More than that, an irreconcilable enemy?

It turned out her master was correct, Yun Luofeng was a troublemaker! There was not anyone who she had not provoked!

Xue Rou’er restrained the malice in her eyes. “She stole my man. Is that considered an irreconcilable enmity?”

Jin Yu was startled, and her lips turned up with a sneer. “Your man? Are you referring to Yun Xiao?”

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