Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 811 - Xue Rou'er Being Stupid (5)

Chapter 811: Xue Rou’er Being Stupid (5)
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When they saw Jun Fengling pull out the jade pendant, Ye Jingchen and Ye Qi were both startled, shock entering their gaze.

Although they were not aware of the history of the pendant, they knew that Jun Fengling had always treated this pendant like a precious treasure! But she actually gave it to Yun Luofeng without batting an eye? Normally, she could not bear to even have someone touch it, let alone giving it to someone! Yun Luofeng’s importance in her heart was apparent from this.

“This jade pendant doesn’t have many uses for you, but the materials of the pendant are a bit special, and it can block mortal injuries for you three times! However, it’s only three times. After the third time, it will become a normal jade pendant.”

Yun Luofeng was briefly taken back. “Does this pendant have some other special meaning to you? It’s not suitable for you to give it to me, right?”

Jun Fengling smiled. “This pendant was given to me by my father, who is also your grandfather. It has accompanied me for many, many years, but it has no other use besides a remembrance token for me. For you though, you often provoke strong enemies, and I can’t be at ease if you don’t have some protection items with you.”

It was evident that Jun Lingfeng knew Yun Luofeng’s personality long ago. She had always immediately started hitting without asking questions and made enemies no matter where she was! This was why she took out her beloved jade pendant.

Yun Luofeng was moved. Without mentioning the effect of the pendant, just the fact that Jun Fengling gave her a memorial item that her father left for her already indirectly proved she thought of her as family. Especially since her tone was incredibly indulgent, it was as though she did not care that Yun Luofeng made enemies and was only worrying about her safety.

Jun Fengling looked at Yun Xiao with a smile and inquired, “How about you? We haven’t seen each other for many years, don’t you have something to say to Mother?”

Yun Xiao’s cold expression slightly shifted, but he could not utter ‘Mother’ in the end. After thinking about it a little, he asked, “You set up a betrothal between me and the Ling Family?”

After hearing this, Jun Fengling tightly furrowed her brows. “That rings a bell, but it’s been so long that I have nearly forgotten about it.”

“Where is the betrothal token?” Yun Xiao’s voice was low and rough.

“I lost it.” Jun Fengling’s lips quirked up.

Lost it?

Yun Xiao’s expression darkened in a flash. He had such a hard time breaking the engagement because she lost the betrothal token?

“What? Did someone from the Ling Family look for you to get engaged to you?” Jun Fengling asked with a raise of her brows.

Although Ye Jingchen had an acquaintance from Longxiao Continent and received news of Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng over the years, normal people could not enter the location of the Xiao Family! Hence, Jun Fengling had no clue about the events that occurred back at the Xiao Estate!

“They wanted to break the betrothal, and I agreed,” Yun Xiao dryly glanced at Jun Fengling, “However, they firmly believed that I was only verbally agreeing and was not actually willing to break the betrothal, which is why I hid the betrothal token.”


As soon as Jun Fengling heard this, she flew into a rage and angrily said, “Wasn’t it enough for those people to expel you from the Xiao Family?! They actually came to you again and said my son wasn’t willing to break his engagement with a little girl from the Ling Family? It was the Xiao Family who decided your betrothal back then. I never thought that a little girl from the Ling Family was worthy of you!”

Yun Xiao’s low voice was heard again, “The members of the Xiao Family also said that you were taken away by a mysterious person. Is that person someone from the Ye Family?”

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