Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 810 - Xue Rou'er Being Stupid (4)

Chapter 810: Xue Rou’er Being Stupid (4)
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Who knew that the girl would act like she did not hear her words and was only concerned about whispering something to the man beside her that made his cold expression melt in a heartbeat. His eyes, which were as dark as the night, looked at her with deep affection.

Xue Ruo’er bit her lips, and a dark light flashed through her downcast eyes.

I’ll let you gloat a little longer! Since Jun Fengling is his mother, she must long for her son to have a countless number of women and to have a many progenies! No matter how in love they are, she could be his, but he could never be hers alone!

However, the woman’s displeased voice was suddenly heard above her, “I’m glad you think this way! But there’s no need for concubines. I don’t wish for my son to have a restless household!”

Initially, Jun Fengling was only aloof towards Xue Rou’er, but now, it had progressed to dissatisfaction.

Xue Rou’er suddenly realized her error, and her face turned paler. How could she forget! Ye Jingchen only had Jun Fengling for all these years! Even when she could not give birth to any children, he still did not take any concubines!

However, she actually stupidly mentioned that Yun Xiao would take concubines in the future in front of Jun Fengling! Wasn’t that the same as offending her?

“Madam, I’m sorry, I spoke without thinking. I didn’t mean it.” Xue Rou’er was very upset.

How could a woman as domineering as Jun Fengling accept her man to have multiple women? Her ideology had already transcended the secular world!

“You spoke without thinking?” Jun Fengling sneered, “Why do I feel like you are a smart person? How can someone like you speak without thinking? Forget it, you should leave. Come to the Ye residence less from now on and have less contact with my children.”

Towards the end, Jun Fengling was already impatient and did not want to sugarcoat her words.

Xue Rou’er wiped the tears from her eyes and swiftly darted out of the courtyard.

“Rou’er!” Ye Qi stamped her foot, wanting to chase after her. However, before she could take more than two steps, Jun Fengling’s rebuke was heard from behind.

“Stop right there!”

Ye Qi turned around resentfully, “Foster Mother, why do you all target her like that?”

Jun Fengling lightly sighed, “Qiqi, you should listen to your brother more. He won’t hurt you. The ones who truly hurt you are those who you deem as innocent.”

Ye Qi was startled. Was Foster Mother referring to Rou’er? How could that be? Why would Rou’er hurt her?

“Return to your room, and think about it,” Jun Fengling swept her eyes across Ye Qi before turning around and walking toward Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao, a smile appearing on her gorgeous face. “What? Don’t you two have something to say to me?”

Yun Luofeng’s lips turned up with a languid smile. “I didn’t expect you to be Yun Xiao’s mother. It looks like we have quite the predestined affinity. Am I correct, Auntie?”

“Why do you still call me auntie?” Jun Fengling pretended to be displeased, but her eyes were full of happiness. “Since you are Xiao’er’s fiancĂ©e, you should naturally call me mother.”


She and Yun Xiao would get married sooner or later. It was no big deal to call her ‘Mother’ early, so she did not reject Jun Fengling’s suggestion.

“How well-behaved.” Her address made Jun Fengling beam with joy in response. “Calling me mother was a good choice. After all, I’ve prepared a gift for you already.”

She pulled out a jade pendant from the folds of her robe and stuffed it into Yun Luofeng’s hand. The vivid character ‘Jun’ was very eye-catching on the pendant and gleamed under the sun…

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