Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 809 - Xue Rou'er Being Stupid (3)

Chapter 809: Xue Rou’er Being Stupid (3)
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The old man’s legs weakened, and he fell to the ground with lifeless eyes and despair rushing into his heart. Jun Fengling was a member of the Ye Family, and no one would doubt her words. If his swindling was brought to light, there would be no place for him on this continent!

“Get lost already!” Jun Fengling harshly shouted.

The old man hurriedly scrambled up from the ground and darted out of the estate, afraid that he would suffer from Jun Fengling’s inhuman revenge if he stayed.

Xue Rou’er watched the old man’s departing figure, stupefied, as though she had not recovered from this sudden turn of events.

“Xue Rou’er,” Ye Qi furiously yelled, “shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Upon hearing Ye Qi’s angry voice, Xue Rou’er suddenly covered her face and started crying. “I’m sorry, it’s my fault! I had too much faith in my master, so I believed him when he said he had an 80% chance. I really didn’t know he wanted to swindle the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid.”

Tears dripped from the gaps of her fingers, and her body was madly trembling from her immense sadness.

“Qiqi, this is all my fault! I nearly harmed your family! I don’t have the right to see you ever again.”

Xue Rou’er was already crying this pitifully, so how could Ye Qi bear to continue blaming her? Moreover, from the bottom of her heart, she believed that Xue Rou’er was merely deceived by Wu Lin.

“Rou’er, I shouldn’t have blamed you just now, you’re also innocent and this matter has nothing to do with you.” Ye Qi gently comforted as her expression eased.

Their conversation caused Yun Luofeng to involuntarily glance at Ye Qi first and then Ye Ximo, a faint smile appearing on her lips.

As expected, seeing how easily Ye Qi believed Xue Rou’er, Ye Ximo’s complexion was not too great, and he snorted before turning around to head into the rear court.

“Miss Xue,” a glint flickered through Jun Fengling’s eyes before she turned to look at the crying girl with a small smile, asking, “Mo’er said that you like Xiao’er?”

Xue Rou’er panicked a little and hurriedly explained herself, “Madam, I know I come from a humble background, so I’m not worthy of Young Master Xiao, so how could I dare to have such presumptuous thoughts?”

She claimed that she only acknowledged she was unworthy of Yun Xiao due to her humble background, but she did not deny that she liked Yun Xiao. After all, in Xue Rou’er’s mind, what mother doesn’t hope for her son to be universally loved? If she said that she did not like Yun Xiao, how could she still accept her in the future as Yun Xiao’s mother?

“Oh,” Jun Fengling lightly nodded, “that’s good, you do know your place and realize my Xiao’er isn’t someone that you can desire.”

Xue Rou’er’s expression instantly turned pale, and she tightly bit down on her lips without a sound.

Seeing her appearance, Ye Qi had some pity for her, but she did not dare to say anything in front of Jun Fengling and could only look at Xue Rou’er apologetically.

“Madam, don’t worry,” Xue Rou’er’s looked up with a forlorn smile, “I really don’t have any motives toward Young Master Xiao. Although he will have many concubines in the future, I won’t be included among them.”

Although she could not obtain Yun Xiao now, she still must cause trouble for Yun Luofeng and make her understand that as Ye Jingchen’s step-son, Yun Xiao absolutely could not only have her!

Hence, after saying this, Xue Rou’er could not resist peering at Yun Luofeng.

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