Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 808 - Xue Rou'er Being Stupid (2)

Chapter 808: Xue Rou’er Being Stupid (2)
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At that moment, the elderly man’s expression drastically changed, and he viciously glared at Ye Qi. Xue Rou’er’s expression also was not too great. She should not have told this idiot Master’s name!

This idiot truly could not accomplish anything but was liable to spoil everything!

“Wu Lin?” Jun Fengling smiled, “Why haven’t I heard of anyone with your name on this continent? Who’s your teacher?”

The elderly man’s complexion was dark as he tightly clenched his fists, cold sweat dripping down his back. “If you haven’t heard of me, it’s because you are too ignorant! I dare to say that my medical skill might not be the best in the world, but it is certainly second best!”

“Is that so?” The smile in her eyes deepened as she slowly walked toward the old man and said with raised brows, “Then treat me right now. I would like to see your skill!”

The old man gnawed on his teeth. “I won’t take back the words I said. Unless that girl apologizes, I won’t do anything.”

Right after the elderly man spoke his words, an ice-cold longsword was abruptly positioned on his neck, making him freeze.

He dumbfoundedly looked up and was met with the woman’s valiant and graceful bearing. Her red clothes made her appear like wind and fire, domineering and alluring.

“You either treat me or choose to die! Having Huohuo apologize? No way!”

The elderly man was completely stupefied. On this continent, the status of a physician was very noble. Regardless of how strong someone was, they would still be polite to a renowned physician. He never expected that Jun Fengling, this malicious woman, would be domineering to this extent and directly use a sword to threaten him.

He harshly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his heart ceaselessly trembling.

How could he be able to treat Jun Fengling’s condition?

“Or is it that you have no way of treating me?” As soon as Jing Lingfeng put some force to the sword in her hand, a red cut appeared on his neck. “You should know well the price of coming to Ye City to swindle people!”

Cold sweat trickled down the old man’s forehead as his geriatric face drained of colors. Under Jun Fengling’s threat, he could not withstand it and knelt on the ground with a plop.

“Madam Ye, I was wrong! I shouldn’t have come to the Ye residence to swindle people. I couldn’t cure you from the start. I beg you to let me go!” The old man kowtowed, his head fiercely banging against the ground.

Compared with surviving, his pride was useless. Nothing was more important than surviving!

Ye Qi was dumbstruck and looked at the old man kneeling on the ground with disbelief, her face as white as paper.

She was deceived by this old thing? And even deepened her conflict with Big Brother because of this? Thinking to this point, an endless fury rushed into her heart, and she walked up, viciously kicking the old man’s chest.

“You old b*stard, you dared to lie to me! You even caused me to fight with Big Brother and misunderstand Second Brother and Second Sister-in-Law! This was all your fault!”

Ye Qi’s face was completely red from anger, and the force behind her kick grew stronger. She would like nothing more than to kick the old thing to death!

“Remember, the possessions of the Ye residence are not that easy to swindle! Also, I, Jun Fengling, always hold a grudge! So I will publicize your actions today and let everyone in the world learn of your conduct!”

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