Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 807 - Xue Rou'er Being Stupid (1)

Chapter 807: Xue Rou’er Being Stupid (1)

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“Crap!” At this time, Ye Ximo, who had been dumbfounded, suddenly cursed, “Isn’t Feng Luoyun reversed Yun Luofeng? Xiao Yun reversed is also Yun Xiao! I actually didn’t realize this until now! Sister, you have deceived Big Brother terribly!”

He finally understood why he had such a great favorable impression of these two complete strangers! It turned out that Yun Xiao was his younger brother…

“Mo’er,” Ye Jingchen did not allow the joy from the family reunion to muddle his brain and turned to Ye Ximo with a gentle look, asking, “can you tell us what happened just now again?”

“Foster Father, to sum it up, these people were accusing Huohuo of receiving orders from Sister-in-Law to seduce me! They also forced Huohuo to apologize to Xue Rou’er, but I didn’t agree to it, which is what caused this dispute.”

Ye Jingchen’s expression gradually darkened, and his line of sight fell on Ye Qi.

Seeing the man’s severe expression, Ye Qi’s heart trembled. “Foster Father, I…”

“Did your brother speak the truth?” Ye Jingchen harshly interrupted Ye Qi’s words.

Ye Qi bit her lips and lowered her head. “I’m sorry, Foster Father, I didn’t know they were Older Brother and his wife. The physician brought here by Rou’er claimed that he could treat Foster Mother, but Huohuo’s rude words caused Senior to be unwilling to diagnose Foster Mother. I merely wanted Foster Mother to be able to carry a child, which is why I wanted Huohuo to apologize to Rou’er.”

Seeing the situation turning unfavorable, the old man wanted to sneak away, but before he could go anywhere, Ye Qi already guided the topic to him, and his expression instantly shifted.

Ye Jingchen raised his brows minutely, his sharp gaze shooting to the old man like a knife, and he coldly asked, “You wanted to have Huohuo apologize to Xue Rou’er? I would like to see if you have what it takes!”

Ye Qi’s eyes widened in shock. Hasn’t Foster Father always dearly loved Foster Mother like a precious treasure? She originally thought that Foster Father would give consideration to Foster Mother’s health first when she spoke those words, but she did not expect him to act the same as Big Brother and protect the little girl without any consideration.

Just where did this girl come from? Why were they so protective of her?

The elderly man’s expression turned cold. “Since it’s like this, pretend I never came! Rou’er, let’s go!”

He turned around, wanting to leave the Ye residence, but the moment he took a step, bright laughter rang out behind him.

“You claimed that you could treat me?” Jun Fengling’s lips quirked up and she walked to beside Ye Jingchen with a cold smile.

Joy entered Ye Qi’s heart, and her previously anxious heart finally settled. As long as Foster Mother wanted to be treated, then based on her authority in Ye City, Foster Father certainly would not dissent from her!

“That’s right!” the elderly man uttered between clenched teeth.

Even now, he continued to maintain that he could treat Jun Fengling and absolutely would not admit he came here to swindle them.

Jun Fengling’s brows went up. “Back then, Brother Ye searched for famous doctors all over for me, and they all said that they could not treat my condition, but you can allegedly treat me. So, I only have one question, what is your name on this continent?”

“My name isn’t something you deserve…” The old man looked up and was about to say that Jun Fengling did not deserve to know in an attempt to keep up his pretense but ended up being interrupted by Ye Qi.

“Foster Mother, he is named Wu Lin. He has been living in seclusion deep in the mountains in the past, so he is not as well-known as the other godly doctors.”

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