Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 805 - Jun Fengling Has Returned (5)

Chapter 805: Jun Fengling Has Returned (5)
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He slightly raised his chin and haughtily looked down on the little girl Huohuo. “Have this girl kneel and apologize to my disciple!”

Since Ye Ximo was so fond of this little girl, he definitely would not agree to his terms, so he could logically back out as well!

As expected, Ye Ximo’s eyes darkened, and he coldly stated, “I already said that I absolutely can’t agree to your request!”

The elderly man’s lips quirked up. “Since you won’t agree, forgive me for being unable to comply to your request! Farewell! Rou’er, let’s go!”

After saying this, he turned around to leave.

“Hold on!” Ye Qi anxiously stomped her feet. “Big Brother, so what if you have this girl apologize? Could it be that Foster Mother isn’t as important as this girl in your heart?”

Ye Ximo’s expression grew cold. “Ye Qi, shut up!”

“What right do you have to make me shut up?” Ye Qi furiously turned to Huohuo. “Although the girl is so young, her methods are quite brilliant. Of course, I believe that it’s because someone else is instructing her! She wouldn’t seduce you like this otherwise!”

Ye Ximo was startled. He did not expect Ye Qi to get the wrong idea about Huohuo and him.

“Ye Qi, what nonsense are you saying?” He lightly frowned. “Huohuo has a special status. If you want to be rude to her and get burned in the end, don’t blame me for not advising you!”

Seeing how protective Ye Ximo was about Huohuo, jealousy filled her heart.

“Her status is quite special indeed! The future young lady of the Ye Family! Big Brother, I’ve misjudged you! I didn’t think you would be a pedophile!”

“Ye Qi!” Ye Ximo was smoking from his anger. “Who told you these things?”

Ye Qi retorted with a sneer, “What? Did I hit the mark? I’m only warning you because I’m your sister, this little girl is nothing good! She only approached you because of the Ye Family. This is why she wreaked havoc everywhere and won’t allow Senior to diagnose Foster Mother’s condition! She’s afraid that Foster Mother having her own child would jeopardize your position, but you continue to trust her without a doubt.”

Ye Qi’s pitch unconsciously got higher, and her face was incredibly furious. “But you? Aren’t you letting down Foster Father and Foster Mother by being like this?”

Ye Ximo tightly clenched his fists and it was only by deeply inhaling that he prevented himself from walking up and beating up Ye Qi.

At this time, laughter suddenly traveled from outside the courtyard, especially clear in this silent court.

“What did Mo’er do to let me down? Tell me. I’m very curious how he let down Brother Ye and me.”

Ye Qi shuddered and slowly turned around, he looked at the man and woman who dismounted from the handsome horse. Her eyes reddened, and tears of indignance fell down.

“Foster Father, Foster Mother, you’ve finally returned…”

Dressed in bright red clothing, akin to a scarlet flame, she energetically strode into the courtyard.

Yun Luofeng was taken back, and a light flickered in her wicked eyes as she muttered, “It’s them?”

Evidently, she still had a great impression of the woman who inquired about their names back in the Forest of No Return, but she did not anticipate her to be Ye Ximo’s Foster Mother.

“Foster Mother,” Ye Ximo’s expression finally relaxed as he said, “didn’t you go to find brother? Why did you come back this quickly?”

Jun Fengling’s brows slightly raised. “I heard about the mishap that occurred in Ye City, so I hurried back with your foster father. Mo’er, can you tell me what happened?”

After saying this, her line of sight swept toward Yun Luofeng and she was stunned the moment she caught sight of the two people.

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