Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 804 - Jun Fengling Has Returned (4)

Chapter 804: Jun Fengling Has Returned (4)

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Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid?

Ye Ximo’s brows furrowed. “The Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid doesn’t belong to the Ye Family, so I can’t make this decision! You should propose another request.”

The elderly man frowned. “Since the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid is sold by the Ye Family Trading Company, then its owner must rely on your trading company! Having her give you a bottle of the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid isn’t any big deal.”

Ye Ximo’s frown deepened, and his expression was also livid. “The owner of the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid isn’t dependent on our Ye Family Trading Company. We have a mutually beneficial relationship, and I don’t have to power to demand merchandise from her!”

“That’s simple.” The elderly man smiled. “Tell her that if she doesn’t give you a bottle of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, you will publicize her identity. I imagine she surely wouldn’t set herself against Ye Family Trading Company then!”

Ye Ximo grew furious. “The Ye Family Trading Company has its own rules. It absolutely won’t divulge a customer’s information. You want to make me go back on my word?”

The elderly man’s expression also became displeased. “Why don’t you know to be more flexible? What is more important, your reputation or your foster mother’s health?”

“Haha!” Suddenly, Ye Ximo started laughing. It’s unknown whether he was laughing from amusement or anger.

“My Ye Family Trading Company has five 500-year-old medicinal herbs that can be traded with a Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid! If you can cure my foster mother, then I will use those herbs to exchange for it!”

The prerequisite was that he must completely cure Foster Mother’s condition!

Yun Luofeng wickedly glanced at Ye Ximo and faintly smiled. If Ye Ximo requested it of her, she would not have declined! But he did not do so and chose to use the medicinal herbs in his possession to exchange for the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid! Perhaps this was why Ye Ximo gave her a favorable impression.

“Young Master Ye, it’s not that I won’t cure Madam Ye, but the fee for my treatment is not as simple as one bottle of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid! I require 10 bottles!”

10 bottles of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid required 50 500-year-old medicinal herbs! And the number of medicinal herbs currently possessed by the Ye Family Trading Company could only exchange four bottles at most!

Nevertheless, Ye Ximo uttered between clenched teeth, “Alright, as long as you can cure my foster mother so that she can successfully become pregnant, I can exchange 100 bottles for you, let alone 10.”

Worst comes to worst, he would shamelessly return to the Ye Family and obtain enough medicinal herbs to exchange 10 bottles of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid for Foster Mother.

At the end, Ye Ximo added, “The prerequisite is that you cure my foster mother first!”

The elderly man’s expression abruptly darkened, he gave an exorbitant price just now to force Ye Ximo to agree to his previous request, but who knew he would agree to it without hesitation.

He had a fair idea of his own ability. He did not have the skill to treat Jun Fengling to begin with! An intent to back out suddenly burgeoned in his mind at that moment.

Ye Ximo was extremely wily and not as easy to deceive as Ye Qi! It would not be so easy to swindle the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid from him.

If it weren’t for the fact that he only had four 500-year-old medicinal herbs and was missing one 500-year-old herb, he would not have used this swindling method.

Thinking to here, the elderly man’s eyes shifted a few times before a thought flashed through his eyes. He placed his fist to his lips and dryly coughed before saying, “Alright! I agree to treat Madam Ye first! But I will add another term to the terms of her treatment.”

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