Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 802 - Jun Fengling Has Returned (2)

Chapter 802: Jun Fengling Has Returned (2)
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Ye Qi angrily glared at Huohuo. However, after she spoke, Huohuo’s figure suddenly appeared in front of her eyes from a few meters away, and a loud slap hit her face.

“How my parents educated me has nothing to do with you, but I will discipline you for Ye Jingchen first!” Huohuo mocked with her chin slightly raised.

Ye Qi was stunned. She did not believe that Huohuo would dare to hit her inside the Ye residence. Especially since she did not notice her movements just now…

“You… how can you hit someone?” Xue Rou’er’s voice was very weak and did not have any deterrent force behind it. Her eyes contained a pitiful and delicate light, making others have tender affections for her. “I know that Miss Feng has misunderstandings regarding me and thinks I want to steal her man, but I really don’t have any intent for that man. Why do you keep seeking trouble from me?”

Towards the end, Xue Rou’er’s voice was full of grief and indignation. If someone unaware heard it, they would certainly think she suffered some great injustice. Clearly, the elderly man was one of them!

He snorted, his lips turning up with a sneer. “I wonder how outstanding that man is to cause his woman to think my disciple wants to snatch him away! Does she really think that her man is universally appealing and everyone would like him? I believe he is beneath my disciple’s standards!”

Huohuo glanced at the old man as though she was looking at an idiot.

“My sister’s man is naturally very outstanding, your disciple wouldn’t covet him otherwise! However, someone like your disciple isn’t equal to a millionth of my sister! Even if my sister’s husband was blind, he still wouldn’t like her!”

Xue Rou’er’s eyes darkened. She did not think Yun Luofeng was better than her! It was only because Yun Xiao met Yun Luofeng first that she was unable to interfere. If he met her first, then she would certainly be the one who received his lifelong infatuation!

“Haha!” The elderly man was so angry that he started laughing. “I’ve lived for a long time, but I’ve never seen someone as conceited as you! My disciple not only has both looks and talent but also has an extremely fine personality! You actually said she can’t compare to that woman? What a joke! If it weren’t for Rou’er looking down on your brother-in-law, he would already belong to Rou’er!”

The old man glanced at Xue Rou’er beside him, his features full of self-satisfaction. “The man who my disciple takes a liking to will certainly be very outstanding! Since she didn’t like him, it must mean that man is truly inadequate! Also…” his voice briefly paused, suddenly becoming extremely severe. “You, little girl, are quite rude! I want you to apologize to my disciple immediately. Otherwise, I won’t treat Madam Ye!”

Ye Qi’s heart jolted, and anxiety flickered through her eyes. “Senior, I will definitely have her apologize to Rou’er, you must save my foster mother!”

After saying this, she turned to Huohuo, her charming face instantly turned cold as she rebuked, “Immediately apologize to Rou’er!”

Huohuo’s lips pursed. “Even Ye Jingchen doesn’t dare to speak to me like this, who are you to do so?”

If it were anyone else who heard Huohuo’s disrespect for Ye Jingchen, they would certainly be suspicious of her identity. However, since the current Ye Qi was already so angry that her eyes turned red, her brain did not process it.

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