Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 801 - Jun Fengling Has Returned (1)

Chapter 801: Jun Fengling Has Returned (1)

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Outside the door, an elderly man stood with his arms behind his back. He appeared to be impatient from waiting, and his haughty features were furrowed in a displeased expression with a slight frown.

It was a while before Ye Qi and Xue Rou’er hurried over. After seeing the old man outside the door, Ye Qi suppressed the surge of emotions in her heart and slowly walked to him. The old man in front of them had the demeanor of a strong immortal, making Ye Qi believe in him without any doubts.

However, Ye Qi still asked, “Can you really cure my foster mother?”

The old man’s brows slightly furrowed as he coldly stated, “It looks like you don’t trust my abilities! If you don’t trust me, then I can leave now, and it’ll be like I never came! However, let me tell you, if it weren’t for Rou’er begging me, I wouldn’t save anyone even if you offered a thousand bottles of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, let alone one bottle!”

A skillful physician naturally had his arrogance! If the old man was polite to her, perhaps she would still mull over the validity of this matter. But since he had a prideful attitude, her trust in him increased.

“Senior misunderstood me, I was only casually asking and wasn’t doubting you. After all, I haven’t heard your name before,” Ye Qi politely said with an endearing smile.

“Qiqi,” Xue Rou’er hurriedly tugged Ye Qi’s clothes with worried features, “my master despises other people doubting his medical skills the most. You’re better off not saying anything else.”

As expected, Ye Qi’s words just caused the elderly man’s expression to darken.

He snorted with contempt, “How could people like you know this old man’s name? In the past, this old man had no desire for power and lived secluded in the forest! If I didn’t take a shine to Rou’er’s medical talents, I wouldn’t have come out and accepted her as my disciple!”

The elderly man’s expression was severe, and his tone had an overwhelming righteousness. The formidable aura emitted by his whole body finally eased Ye Qi’s heart.

“Senior, don’t worry. As long as you save my foster mother, the Ye Family will agree to any condition that you propose!”

Ye Qi faintly smiled. Foster Mother’s infertility had been their sore point for many years! If it weren’t for this, Foster Father and Foster Mother would not have been kicked out of the Ye Family. As soon as Foster Mother had a child, the Ye Family would re-accept their branch!

The elderly man haughtily glanced at Ye Qi, “Give me a bottle of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, and I’ll immediately diagnose Madam Ye’s condition.”

Joy burst out in Ye Qi’s heart, “The Ye Family Trading Company is managed by my brother, so the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquids are all in his hands. Please follow me first, Senior, I will bring you to meet Older Brother now!”

This time, if she was able to help Foster Mother, Big Brother would definitely think highly of her!

Ye Qi turned to walk out of the estate with Xue Rou’er and the elderly man following behind her. Then, the moment that they stepped out of the main courtyard, a fiery red figure descended from the sky and blocked their path.

“Xue Rou’er, have you forgotten the warning that I gave you? Who permitted you to come here?” Huohuo had her hands propped against her hips as she glared at them.

Her pretty face was filled with anger, and her scarlet dress lightly fluttered in the breeze. It was as though the dress was dyed with fresh blood, so red that it was slightly stinging to the eyes.

Xue Rou’er’s face drained of color, and she subconsciously hid behind Ye Qi while timidly looking at Huohuo.

“You darn girl, this is my house! Who gave you the nerve to be this impudent at my house? How did your parents educate you?”

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