Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 800 - Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid’s Uproar (5)

Chapter 800: Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid's Uproar (5)
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In Ye Qi’s mind, Ye Ximo was her reverse scale 1 and she would never allow others to snatch him.

“Rou’er return and wait for my news. I’ll find my Big Brother immediately and inform him of the truth!”

Even if she had to brave the danger of falling out with Ye Ximo, she still wanted to uncover their true colors.

“Qiqi, it’s useless,” Xue Rou’er bitterly smiled. “Brother Ye will never believe you and what you’re doing is useless.”

“Then what should I do? Allow those people to deceive my big brother?” Ye Qi tightly gripped her hand in a fist, and her expression was somewhat anxious.

A trace of a glimmer flashed through Xue Rou’er’s eyes while she spoke deeply. “I have a method…”

“What?” Ye Qi raised her head and looked at Xue Rou’er and asked urgently, “What method?”

Xue Rou’er softly chuckled. “My master will be arriving at the Ye residence in a moment. As long as he obtains the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, he will definitely treat your mother’s body. After she completely recovers, Brother Ye will definitely have a whole new level of respect for you. At that time, he will believe everything you say.”

Ye Qi’s fist gripped increasingly tight. “You mean, I’ll still have to let them stay beside Big Brother?”

“This is the only method I have.”

Xue Rou’er words caused Ye Qi’s body to instantly go limp. She understood this was indeed the sole method right now. Otherwise, with Big Brother’s attitude towards her, he would never believe her words.

“Rou’er, when is your master arriving?”

“He left Ye City previously for a few days and right now… he’s already on the way.” Xue Rou’er smiled and her face was filled with gentleness.

No one would imagine that this gentle and kind-hearted woman had ambitions similar to wild wolves…

Now, whenever she recalled Yun Xiao’s handsome and grim look, her expression was somewhat distracted as she secretly made a firm resolution to obtain this man!

Without making Ye Qi wait for long, Ye Ximo and others had returned and at the same time, Xue Rou’er’s master also arrived outside of Ye residence.

After hearing the servant report, she felt joy in her heart and hastily spoke. “Rou’er, your master has arrived. I’ll accompany you to welcome him! Oh right, how certain is your master of treating my foster mother?”

Xue Rou’er replied in all seriousness. “My master had treated patients with similar conditions before and succeeded. Therefore, it can’t be said he’s a hundred percent confident, but he has at the very least eighty percent confidence!”

“Rou’er,” Ye Qi grabbed Xue Rou’er’s hands with gratitude on her face, “If he truly succeeds, you’ll be our family’s benefactor. I’ll never forget your kindness…”

Xue Rou’er slightly lowered her head so in this split second, Ye Qi did not see her darkened face. Her master had indeed treated a similar illness, but it was not a success and was a failure instead! It was just that she couldn’t let Ye Qi know the truth or otherwise, how could she swindle the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid?

As for the treatment afterward… She didn’t say it would be a success, did she?

Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was merely the consultation fee and not the treatment fee, and it would be sufficient to find an excuse at that time.

Although Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling were protective, they were also magnanimous and would definitely not punish them because of her master’s inability to cure her.

“Qiqi, let’s go,” Xue Rou’er recovered her senses and raised her head, once again smiling at Ye Qi, “For you, I’ll never let the evil schemes of those people succeed! A good woman like Madam Ye shouldn’t be unable to have a child!”

Ye Qi did not have other thoughts and nodded and walked out of the room together with Xue Rou’er.


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