Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 798 - Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid’s Uproar (3)

Chapter 798: Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid's Uproar (3)
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These people’s voices were heard by Jun Fengling and caused her facial expression to suddenly change. “It seems like there was a huge change in Ye City while we were absent this period of time.”

Ye Jingchen pondered for a while and asked. “You believe these rumors?”

Jun Fengling shook her head. “I trust Mo’er! It isn’t easy if others want to exploit him! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have passed him all the estates to manage.”

Ye Jingchen smiled. His woman was naturally highly intelligent, so how could she be hoodwinked by these rumors?

“However,” Jun Fengling unhurriedly stood up and snorted, “I’d better make a trip back to Ye City! I’d like to know who’s the one spreading rumors about my Ye Family!”

A gentle smile curved up on Ye Jingchen’s lips. “So we’ll first make a trip to the Ye Family to settle this matter before continuing to search for Xiao’er.”

Jun Fengling’s personality was more protective of her family members. Furthermore, over these years, Yun Xiao had not accompanied alongside her and instead it was Mo’er. She already regarded Mo’er as her biological son, so she would never allow any rumors to harm him!

Ye City.

Ever since Yun Luofeng entrusted the Ye Family Trading Company with the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid and other items, it had suddenly caused an uproar in Ye City.

In this continent lacking of spirit medicine, the medicinal effects of the spirit medicine were obvious! To the extent that the entire Ye Family Trading Company was filled with customers all day long without rest.

Normally when two people met, their first question would be, have you eaten? Yet at this moment it had become, have you gone to the Ye Family Trading Company today?

Originally the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid merely caused an uproar in Ye City. It wasn’t too long before experts from other places arrived in succession, bring about a situation of supply not meeting demand. As such, lacking any better options, Elder Qin could only raise the requirements for exchange! So as to temporarily prevent Ye Family’s trading company from falling into chaos…

Ye residence.

In an exquisite lady’s chambers, Ye Qi was seated before a dressing table lost in thoughts when all of a sudden the door was pushed open. She suddenly brightened up and turned to speak. “Big Brother, you’ve finally… Rou’er why are you here?”

Spotting the lady appearing in her doorway, Ye Qi stared blankly for a moment and her expression once again became dispirited.

It’s been so many days, yet Big Brother has yet to pay attention to me. Could it be that he’ll never look me in the eye again in the future? Thinking of this, Ye Qi’s heart clutched tight and she said with her head hanging dispiritedly, “I thought it was my big brother looking for me. I didn’t expect it was you…”

Xue Rou’er walked to Ye Qi’s side with gentle steps and her eyes contained a gentle smile. “Qiqi, something happened these days, resulting in me unable to visit you. Are you angry?” Ye Qi shook her head and only then, did she look up at Xue Rou’er. After noticing the scars on her face, she was speechless and in astonishment.

“Rou’er, what happened? Why are you hurt?”

Xue Rou’er’s eyes darkened. “It’s a long story. As I was having a conversation with my master previously, it was accidentally overheard by the little brat beside Miss Feng. She came out to beat me up and even warned me to leave the Ye residence. In addition, she proclaimed that she would beat me every time she sees me! Therefore, I could only find you when she left the Ye residence.”

“What?” Ye Qi was furious and immediately jumped up, with an angry look on her face. “That stinky brat actually dared to be so arrogant? Rou’er why didn’t you fight back?”

In Ye Qi’s opinion, Huohuo was only a little girl and would certainly not be Xue Rou’er’s opponent.

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