Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 797 - Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid’s Uproar (2)

Chapter 797: Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid's Uproar (2)
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Jun Fengling had placed huge importance on Ye Ximo, her foster son. If she were aware that her son had been seduced by a woman, and that woman approached him because of the Ye Family’s wealth…with Jun Fengling’s protective personality, she would never let them get away with it!

Inside a restaurant bustling with noise and excitement, the red-robed lady sat by the window and had a worrying expression while her brows knitted together. A handsome man dressed in brocade clothing sat before her while gently looking at her as he spoke to console. “Jun’er, rest assured. Since we have Feng’er and Xiao’er’s portrait, we’ll find them soon.”

“I hope so.”

The red-robed lady softly sighed and spoke bitterly. “If I had known earlier that the two people we met in the Forest of No Return were them, I would have never allowed them to leave. Who would have expected that they would use a false name, resulting in us missing this meeting.”

The red-robed lady was not of blaming them as after all, it was their first time coming to Land of No Return, and there was nothing wrong with being prudent. She merely blamed herself for not inquiring in more detail, otherwise, they wouldn’t have crossed paths.

Just then, sounds of a commotion spread throughout the restaurant, interrupting Jun Fengling’s train of thoughts.

“Have you all heard of this? It’s rumored that something happened in Ye City!”

Something happened in Ye City?

Jun Fengling stared blankly momentarily and her red phoenix eyes 1 turned towards the man talking about the incident. Her face that radiated heroic spirit with her eyebrows furrowed increasingly tight and her expression didn’t look good.

Don’t tell me, someone made trouble for Mo’er while we were out this period of time?

“Ye City? Isn’t that Ye Family’s young master Ye Jingchen’s territory? Although he had been chased out, at the very least he still has Ye’s surname. Who had such courage to find trouble with them?”

His table’s drinking buddies curiously looked towards the guy who revealed the news and inquired in puzzlement.

“Keke, you wouldn’t know this,” the guy laughed, “Indeed, there’s no one daring enough to find trouble in Ye City, but don’t forget, there’s young master Ye Ximo who is young and vigorous. My niece is a citizen there, and she personally told me that Ye Ximo had been seduced by a woman and that woman is thinking of emptying Ye Family’s Trading Company!”

Hearing this, everyone in the surrounding felt flabbergasted in succession.

“Is this news true?”

“Absolutely! That woman’s surname seemed to be Feng and a little brat dressed in red is following alongside her. These two women’s ambition isn’t small and for Ye City’s wealth and riches. They did not hesitate to scheme and seduce young master Ye Ximo.”

“Tsk tsk, that woman is seriously incomparably cheap! How did young master Ye take a fancy on such a slut? Since your niece is in Ye City, does she have any other scoop?”

“This…” That guy was taciturn for a long while and said helplessly, “My niece also told me, the woman who seduced young master Ye had also driven a wedge between him and Miss Ye Qi. She even declared that she would be entering the Ye Family by any means! After she entered, she would definitely chase Ye Qi out of the family! My niece couldn’t put up with it any longer and wanted to get justice, but was beaten up by her…”

Everyone gasped, seemingly never having heard of such a slut before!

Who did she think she was?

Even if Miss Ye Qi was Ye Jingchen’s adopted foster daughter, at the very least, she was also a Ye, but that woman was actually so shameless as to chase Ye Qi out?

Wasn’t she thinking too highly of herself?

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