Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 796 - Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid’s Uproar (1)

Chapter 796: Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid's Uproar (1)
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Even after leaving the trading company, Ye Ximo had yet to recover from his earlier shock. Clearly, he did not expect Yun Luofeng would actually have such precious items in her hands. If these items were sold through the Ye Family’s trading company, it would not be long before their reputation would reverberate throughout the entire continent…

“Sister, I have to thank you for this,” Ye Ximo finally got back his senses and turned towards Yun Luofeng. “With those treasures, it will increase the Ye Family Trading Company’s profits by one-fold!”

Yun Luofeng faintly smiled. “We’re each obtaining what we need.”

“Haha,” Ye Ximo candidly laughed, “Sister Feng, this personality of yours, as your brother I like it more and more.”

How could he not know that Yun Luofeng said this so he didn’t owe her a favor?! After all, there were so many trading companies on the mainland but she had chosen the Ye Family’s company! Regardless of anything, the fact of him owing a favor would definitely hold true!

Yun Xiao furrowed his eyebrows and his unfeeling gaze swept towards Ye Ximo.

That expression was sharp as a knife, causing him to feel his cold and unconsciously shivered. Yet, Yun Xiao withdrew his gaze very soon and during the time he looked at Yun Luofeng, the unfeeling look in his eyes gradually disappeared while the corner of his lips curved into a thin smile.

Ye Ximo astonishingly rubbed his eyes. So it turns, out this unfeeling guy also knew how to smile? However, his so-called gentleness had been given to one woman and his smile only blossomed for her…

Currently, Xue Rou’er had just turned a corner and walked in an alley when all of a sudden a fiery red figure unexpectedly appeared before her. Xue Rou’er was shocked by this, but after seeing the little brat in front of her, her heart had instead calmed down as she coldly questioned, “What are you doing obstructing my pathway?”

Huohuo crossed her arms and beamingly looked at Xue Rou’er. “Why? Aren’t you going to continue acting? Or perhaps without those idiots Ye Ximo and Ye Qi you don’t even have the interest to act?”

Xue Rou’er furrowed her eyebrows. “Little miss, you had better return and drink your mother’s milk. Just a little brat like you that stinks of breast-milk and you want to subdue me? Don’t cry at the time if I beat you up.”

Huohuo slightly lifted her chin and had a proud expression. “Unfortunately, a little brat like me can leave you unable to speak!”

“You…” Xue Rou’er was somewhat furious. When she wanted to speak up, a huge sack suddenly fell over her head and encased her entire body inside.

“Who told you to peep at someone you shouldn’t have!”

“Who asked you to act like a pure white lotus! It’s f**king disgusting!”

“Every time you appear before me in the future, I’ll beat you up until you don’t dare to show yourself before us!”

Huohuo punched and kicked Xue Rou’er on the floor. Her small fist was very powerful while her eyes faintly contained two clusters of flames.

“Xue Rou’er, don’t think that Ye Qi that idiot can protect you! If you still dare to find trouble for my mas… sister, I’ll set fire and burn your whole family!”

She originally wanted to say master, but recalling Yun Luofeng’s orders, she instantly changed and after beating Xue Rou’er up. Huohuo clapped her hands and left this secluded alley without restraint…

Only after a long time did the woman inside the sack struggle free. Currently, she was already badly battered beyond recognition!

She fiercely stared at Huohuo’s leaving direction and gnashed her teeth in anger. “Just you wait, I’ll never let you have an easy life! The time when Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling return will be the time of your death!”


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