Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 795 - Devious Xue Rou’er (7)

Chapter 795: Devious Xue Rou'er (7)
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Yun Luofeng faintly smiled. “I’m afraid that even if you emptied the entire trading company, it wouldn’t be sufficient for the medicinal herbs I require.”

“Ugh…” Ye Ximo stared blankly for a moment, “Then how many do you need?”

Yun Luofeng shot a glance at Ye Ximo. “Medicinal herbs of five hundred years and above. The more the better!”

Medicinal herbs of five hundred years and above, the more the better?

Ye Ximo widened his eyes in shock, revealing astonishment on his face. astonishment. “Sister, your request… is indeed a difficult one! There are a total of ten stalks of five hundred years or more medicinal herbs, and three stalks at a thousand years or more! You mentioned the more the better so I’m unaware how many you need…”

Yun Luofeng’s fingers lightly tapped on the table and glint streaked across her eyes. “I have Foundation Building Medicinal Liquid and Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid with me. May I know how many herbs I can these exchange these for?

Foundation Building Medicinal Liquid and Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid?

Ye Ximo and Elder Qin were stunned on the spot. On the basis of the names of these two medicinal liquids, they could already guess their effects.

“If it’s not sufficient, I have some Spirit Grass and this can be used to treat injuries, allowing patients to recover their injuries in a short time.”

There’s something called obtaining wealth through risk!

Taking out these items right now was indeed a risky action! However, this was the only method that would allow her to obtain more precious medicinal herbs!

She could use an ordinary stalk of a medicinal herb and nurture it into a Spirit Grass to exchange for medicinal herbs of five hundred years and above. Then, if she planted those five-hundred-year-old herbs in God’s Code world, she would be able to increase the gold-seeking tribe’s strength in a short time! Once their strength was increased, then they would be her strongest help!

Elder Qin suppressed his surging emotions and took a deep breath before asking. “Miss, may I know what are you asking for?”

“Five stalks of five-hundred-year-old medicinal herbs can be exchanged for one of these three items! If it’s a thousand-year-old ingredient, it can be used to exchange for two.”

“Alright!” Elder Qin immediately slapped the table, “Miss, you can place those medicinal liquids and herbs in our trading company and I’ll do the exchange for you! At the same time, I’ll keep your identities confidential.”

Once these items were made public, it would definitely cause a worldwide sensation. As such, he had said that. Even if Elder Qin didn’t mention it, Yun Luofeng would have also raised this request!

“May I inquire where you obtained these items?”

Yun Luofeng looked at Elder Qin standing before her and smiled. “Where do you think I was able to obtain these items? I’m merely an errand runner for someone else! It isn’t convenient for that person to reveal himself, so I came forth in place of him.”

Saying that was due to Yun Luofeng being vigilant. She was unable to trust Elder Qin so she had come up with a baseless character. In this way, if others wanted to murder and steal, they’d still have to consider if there was truly an expert behind her!

As expected, after hearing Yun Luofeng’s words, Elder Qin treated it as the truth.

“So it’s like that. I sure wish I could meet with this expert, to actually be able to produce Foundation Building Medicinal Liquid and Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid! Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be able to meet him with my status…”

“I’ll leave the medicinal liquids and herbs here. If the item is successfully exchanged, then please send the herbs to the Ye residence. I’ll be staying there during this period of time.”

After speaking, Yun Luofeng took out a pile of bottles and that vivid and lifelike green grass from her space ring…

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