Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 794 - Devious Xue Rou’er (6)

Chapter 794: Devious Xue Rou'er (6)

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“Qiqi, I feel that with their presence, there won’t be peace in the Ye residence. It’ll be better if you write a letter and ask your parents to return.”

Ye Qi had already recovered from her initial anger and shook her head while saying, “That’s out of the question. Foster Father and Foster Mother have matters to settle outside and are unable to return!”

She was still able to weigh the degree of seriousness, and it wasn’t worth it to ask her foster parents to return because of a small incident…

“Qiqi, then do you know where your parents are?” Xue Rou’er blinked her eyes and asked.

“Why are you asking?” Ye Qi knitted her eyebrows and questioned while looking at Xue Rou’er.

Xue Rou’er smiled gently. “Aren’t they looking for someone? I wanted to ask about their specific location as I might have relatives there and I could request them to help out.”

The gullible Ye Qi did not suspect her and revealed a location. After revealing the location, she did not notice that a trace of cold glimmer flashed through her eyes.

Ye Ximo did not have Yun Luofeng stay in the main hall for long and went up the second floor without consulting anyone.

On the second floor, other than Ye Ximo, only influential officials could come. Yet at this moment, he brought Yun Luofeng and others into the second floor.

“Young Master, you’re here?” After seeing Ye Ximo, the old man hastily welcomed him and respectfully spoke.

Ye Ximo nodded. “Elder Qin, pay attention in the future and don’t allow Ye Qi to bring those friends of hers inside! In addition, this is my newly acknowledged sister, and the other is her husband!”

He did not introduce Huohuo because he knew that she didn’t like to be in contact with others.

Elder Qin respectfully spoke. “May I know if the two of you have any request coming here? There’s no harm saying what you need.”

Yun Luofeng was taciturn for quite awhile. “Let’s talk inside.”

“Alright.” Elder Qin made a leading gesture. “Please.”

When entering the room, Yun Xiao’s unfeeling gaze swept to Huohuo before casting his line of sight to the direction where Ye Qi and Xue Rou’er had disappeared…

Huohuo immediately understood his intentions. “I have something to do so I won’t be heading in.”

Yun Luofeng felt somewhat puzzled but did not restrict Huohuo’s freedom. She merely softly spoke. “Find me when you’re done”

“I understand.”

Huohuo received the order and swiftly dashed to the first floor. Within Ye City, she had the courage to leave Yun Luofeng as after all, this was Ye Jingchen’s territory, allowing her to feel safer…

Ye Xiao withdrew his gaze and his expression was as grim as before, just like nothing had happened…

“Sister, since you’ve come, I won’t take your money and any medicinal ingredient you take a fancy to, feel free to take it. You don’t have to try and pay me. Just consider it as a meeting gift.”

Ye Ximo heartily laughed. His voice was open-minded and candid, yet Elder Qin who heard it couldn’t help but twitch.

When did Young Master become so generous, to let her pick whichever medicinal ingredient inside the trading company? On a normal occasion, he was very stingy and even if it was Miss Ye Qi, he wouldn’t be willing to give her any. Therefore, Elder Qin was very curious about what exactly were the origins of these two.

“You had promised in the main hall earlier on that you’ll never gift me medicinal herbs. Yet you’re eating your own words that soon?”

Ye Ximo chuckled. “When am I someone who abides by promises? Since the trading company is managed by me, naturally I have the right to gift to who I want! You don’t have to pay attention to others! As a big brother, I will never let my sister suffer losses.”

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