Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 793 - Devious Xue Rou’er (5)

Chapter 793: Devious Xue Rou'er (5)

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Yun Luofeng swept a glance at her and spoke with indifference. “Am I wrong? In what way is Brother Ye wrong? Not only is he the supervisor of this trading company, he is also someone from the Ye Family! What wrong is there in him not wanting his family’s medicinal herbs to be taken by others?”

“Hmph!” Ye Qi coldly laughed and snorted disdainfully, “You asked Brother Ye to bring you here, isn’t it also to get free medicinal herbs? Don’t make yourself sound so dignified! Who isn’t aware of your small-minded ideas?”

Yun Luofeng reclined on Yun Xiao’s chest and lazily smiled. “May I know where you heard that I wanted to get medicinal herbs from the trading company for free? Didn’t Brother Ye tell you that I came here to use the items in my hands to exchange for something of equal value?”

Ye Qi froze. She originally assumed that Yun Luofeng had the same background as Xue Rou’er and didn’t think she actually had medicinal herbs in her hands. That being the case, she could no longer say anything else.

Ye Ximo looked at Yun Luofeng and was grateful in his heart. He understood Yun Luofeng wasn’t someone who liked to stick out, and the reason she had stood up for him and said these things was that she was didn’t want anyone to misunderstand the Ye Family’s trading company!

Although this woman didn’t say anything and held all her thoughts in her heart, every action of hers caused him to feel touched…

Xue Rou’er restrained her evil thoughts and used a pitiful expression to look at Yun Luofeng.

“So it turns out, Qiqi had misunderstood and I’ll apologize on her behalf. Merely, may I know what medicinal ingredient you want to change and could you allow us to be a spectator?

Wasn’t the reason Ye Qi jumped out all because of her? Yet, she was apologizing to Yun Luofeng on Ye Qi’s behalf? Even now, Ye Qi did not hear her implied meaning and truly thought that Xue Rou’er spoke up for her.

Yun Luofeng looked at Ye Ximo who had an unsightly expression. Having such a foolish sister, he sure didn’t have an easy time…

“It seems Miss Xue distrusts me,” Ye Ximo sneered and spoke in ridicule, “I, Ye Ximo have always been broad and level! Since I’ve said I won’t gift medicinal herbs, then I’ll definitely not do that! As a supervisor, it’s a must to be fair and just. Furthermore, what do Ye Family matters have to do with you and what right do you have to spectate?”

Xue Rou’er’s complexion became increasingly pale. “I.. I only…”

“Enough!” Ye Ximo sternly shouted, “I don’t welcome you in my territory, so get lost immediately or else I’ll get someone to throw you out!”

“Big Brother!”

Ye Qi who was somewhat feeling guilty after misunderstanding Yun Luofeng had instantly exploded hearing that. “Rou’er is my friend and I wish for you not to always be irrational towards her. Since you don’t wish to see us, then we’ll leave immediately!” After saying that, Ye Qi pulled along Xue Rou’er and walked out of the main gates.

Outside the gates on the streets bustling with activity, Ye Qi’s stopped in her tracks and her tears could no longer be restrained and rolled down.

“Qiqi, do you think that woman truly has medicinal herbs?” Xue Rou’er eyes flickered as she asked.

Ye Qi stared blankly. “What do you mean by that?”

Xue Rou’er tightly bit on her lips. “I feel that Brother Ye will definitely secretly gift her medicinal herbs without you noticing! As for what she said earlier on, it’s only a one-sided statement, and I don’t believe that she has medicinal herbs.”

“You’re saying that they’re lying? And Big Brother is coordinating with her?”

Sure enough, Ye Qi was very easy to hoodwink. This sentence had instantly caused her to be fooled and her heart was filled with fury, while her entire person became angry. To think she had felt guilt earlier on, and she didn’t expect they were actually cooperating together to lie to her! While their ultimate aim was the Ye Family’s medicinal herbs!

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