Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 792 - Devious Xue Rou’er (4)

Chapter 792: Devious Xue Rou'er (4)
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“Big Brother!”

Ye Qi glared at him in disbelief and her voice contained a tremor. “Rou’er is my friend so aren’t you being too heartless by saying this?”


Hearing this, Ye Ximo’s sneer became even more prominent. “I don’t like Xue Rou’er and I don’t want our Ye Family’s medicinal herbs to fall into her hands so what can you do to me?”

His words were very arrogant and headstrong! I don’t like her and even if I have to destroy all these herbs, I would never let any fall into her hands!

“Qiqi,” Seeing this pair of siblings about to fight again, Xue Rou’er hastily held back Ye Qi and gently spoke, “Don’t fight with Brother Ye. This is my fault, and I shouldn’t have asked you to gift me medicinal herbs! I’ll sell off some family property when I return, perhaps I can raise the funds to purchase one stalk of a medicinal herb.”

Ye Qi was furious in her heart. In her opinion, for Rou’er such a kind-hearted and gentle woman, why did her big brother counter them in all aspects!

“Big Brother, although Ye Family’s trading company is in your charge, it is Foster Father’s property! If Rou’er doesn’t have the right to take the medicinal herbs in the store, don’t tell me that they have the right?”

Ye Qi pointed towards Yun Luofeng and others as she angrily rebuked, “These people are of unknown origins and who knows where they are from! Yet you want to gift the medicinal herbs to them? By doing this, how can you answer to Foster Father and Foster Mother?”

Fury gushed forth in Ye Ximo’s eyes. “Ye Qi! Since I am in charge of this trading company, it’s my business whoever I want to gift! On the other hand, you cannot even obtain a stalk of a medicinal herb without my permission! I’d like to see how you give it to her!”

Ye Qi’s petite face turned pale. She knew Ye Ximo was speaking the truth. Foster Father had already handed everything in Ye City over to him to manage and within this Ye City, she did not have any rights to say otherwise… Even just taking a stalk of a medicinal herb from the trading company to give Xue Rou’er, she didn’t have the right!

“I’m sorry Brother Ye, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have requested Qiqi to gift me medicinal herbs.” Xue Rou’er was like a weeping beauty, feeling wronged and pitiful. “It’s because I’m unable to come up with the money for it but I had acknowledged a physician as my Master with great difficulty, so I wanted to use a stalk of a medicinal herb to express my gratitude! I simply didn’t think too much. Please don’t blame Qiqi and if you have to blame someone, please blame me.”

Within the trading company, many people paused in their tracks. When they looked towards Ye Ximo it was clear to see that they blamed him for bullying such a weak and delicate lady. The Ye Family’s influence was very powerful and Ye Jingchen’s strength wasn’t weak either! But the law didn’t regulate public opinion, so those people had the guts to point the finger of blame while witnessing the scene before them.

“Brother Ye, your actions are correct.” Just then, Yun Luofeng’s voice sounded beside Ye Ximo’s ears.

“What did you say?” Ye Qi’s expression changed and she raised her foot, wanting to go up against Yun Luofeng. However, before she reached Yun Luofeng’s side, she felt the grim aura radiated by Yun Xiao and it shocked her so much that she retreated a few steps.

Xue Rou’er was also in a trance as tears once again rolled down while she spoke softly. “I’m sorry.”

Her voice once again caused anger to grow in Ye Qi’s heart as she angrily looked at Yun Luofeng.

Ye Qi gnashed her teeth and said, “You’re only my brother’s guest and you are not in the position to meddle in our affairs! Aren’t you being too excessive by speaking like that?”

That’s right! She liked Ye Ximo, but she would never abandon her friend for love! Rou’er had already been so pitiful, yet she had added to it, so how could she tolerate this?

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