Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 790 - Devious Xue Rou’er (2)

Chapter 790: Devious Xue Rou'er (2)

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“Forget it, let’s leave. Foster Father and Foster Mother should be returning soon.” Ye Qi raised her delicate and pretty eyes while her lovable face once again revealed a smile.

In her entire life, other than her big brother, the person she respected most was her foster father and foster mother! If it weren’t for them, perhaps she might have died outside long ago…

She heard that her foster parents went out to search for Foster Mother’s biological child and she didn’t know if they had found him after so many days.

Second floor.

Inside the luxurious room, Ye Ximo returned the menu to the waiter before turning towards Yun Luofeng and others.

“Sister Feng, I haven’t asked you, but is there anything of importance by coming here?”

Yun Luofeng froze for a moment before replying, “Yes.”

Their motive was to search for Yun Xiao’s mother! Otherwise, they wouldn’t travel over land and water to come to here.

“We came to search for someone.” Yun Luofeng thought about it and ultimately revealed her purpose for coming here. However, she did not tell Ye Ximo who she was looking for.

“Haha!” Ye Ximo candidly laughed heartily, “Then it’s such a coincidence that both of us are looking for someone! Sister Feng, you can tell me who you’re looking for and I’ll request Ye Family to help.”

“There’s no need,” Yun Luofeng slightly shook her head, “Oh right, the person before is your Sister? It seems that you don’t really like her.”

Speaking of this, Ye Ximo had somewhat of a headache. He furrowed his elegant eyebrows and spoke. “Actually, when Foster Father had just adopted her, our relationship wasn’t so bad. After that, I gradually realized that she’s not very intelligent, and perhaps because of that I don’t really have a good opinion of her.”

“Take a look at what type of friends she has. First, it was a bandit’s daughter and that bandit even used her name to tyrannically bully others! For Xue Rou’er, you can see what moral integrity she has!” The more Ye Ximo spoke, the angrier he was.

If Ye Qi was here, Yun Luofeng thought that he would surely be unable to control himself and would beat her up.

“Compared to such an idiot like her, I prefer a smart woman like Sister Feng.” Ye Ximo looked towards Yun Luofeng and blinked his eyes as he looked dashing with his curved lips.

At that moment, an unfeeling gaze shot towards him, making him feel like there were a thousand needles behind his back as he dryly coughed awkwardly.

“It’s just a joke, just a joke…”

At that moment, he truly had the feeling of a knife held against his neck, with his head seemingly about to fall down the next moment.

“Blockhead!” Huohuo shot a glance at Ye Ximo and said with a sneer, “You’re teasing someone’s woman in front of their man. You should be thanking him profusely that he didn’t kill you!”

Ye Ximo’s lips twitched. Would this little brat feel uncomfortable if she didn’t rebuke him every day?

“Brother Ye,” Yun Luofeng was silent for a long time before asking, “Are there any large-scale auction houses in Ye City?”

“Auction houses?” Ye Ximo stared blankly for a moment before he shook his head. “There aren’t any auction houses in Ye City. Sister Feng, why are you asking about it?”

“Actually it isn’t something important. It’s just that there are a few medicinal herbs with special uses in my hands and I intend to change them for normal medicinal herbs. That’s why I was inquiring about auction houses.”

If she took the spirit herb into an auction house to sell and stipulated that it could only be exchanged for other medicinal herbs, then not only would there be a reliable food source for the gold-seeking hamsters, even the small tree’s nourishment would be resolved.

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