Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 788 - Meeting White Lotus Flower

Chapter 788: Meeting White Lotus Flower
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“Ye Qi, shut your mouth!” Ye Ximo’s cold gaze swept over as he spoke sternly, “Do you know why I dislike you? Previously I didn’t know why, but now I know that the reason is you’re too stupid!”

Ye Qi seemed to have been struck by thunder as she froze on the spot.

“I like smart women, not someone like you who is unbearably stupid!” Outside, Ye Ximo’s temper was very good but every time when he faced Ye Qi, he couldn’t control himself!

“Qiqi,” Xue Rou’er hastily pulled Ye Qi, “I think you should admit your wrongs as they are your brother’s friends. You shouldn’t be rude to them.” In order to show that she was someone with good manners, she once again faced Yun Luofeng and the others. “Qiqi truly didn’t do it deliberately, will you please not hold it against her?”

When she spoke, her gaze had instead floated towards Yun Xiao from time to time. Originally, she thought that Ye Ximo could be considered the most handsome man in this world! However, she never expected there was a man who was handsome to such an extent! If Ye Qi and Ye Ximo’s relationship were to recover, perhaps she could make use of Ye Qi and get close to this man.

Thinking of this, Xue Rou’er’s face flushed as she kneaded her handkerchief in embarrassment.


Just when she was having delusions about their future, that man’s incomparable unfeeling aura suddenly surged forth from him. Before she reacted, she felt a gust of energy fiercely striking her chest.

“Rou’er!” Ye Qi hastily came to Xue Rou’er’s side and anxiously asked, “How are you feeling? Big Brother, how can your guests hit my friend?” After checking Xue Rou’er’s body, Ye Qi raised her head and questioned.

Ye Ximo also looked at Yun Xiao in puzzlement. Although he didn’t like Xue Rou’er, he wouldn’t attack her without good cause either. As such, he did not understand why Yun Xiao suddenly attacked her…

Yun Xiao coldly said, “She blushed earlier on.”

“…” Ye Ximo was stunned. Blushed? What does Xue Rou’er blushing have to do with you?

Yun Xiao continued, “She looked at me and blushed.”

Ye Ximo wasn’t someone who didn’t understand anything. After hearing Yun Xiao’s explanation, he also realized what happened.

When you look at a man and blush, that means that you have ideas towards him!

However, when Ye Ximo wanted to speak, Yun Xiao’s deep voice once again sounded. “It’s fine if she blushed, but to blush in my face, I find her an eye-sore.” His words implied that if Xue Rou’er merely blushed secretly, perhaps he would be too lazy to take notice of her. Instead, this woman had come to his face and blushed. Could he not take any action?

Xue Rou’er got up and tightly bit on her lips. The rims of her eyes faintly contained tears, yet she stubbornly didn’t let them fall.

“Brother Ye, this is my fault. It’s in my nature to be starry-eyed and like to look at handsome men. This young master is so handsome that I couldn’t help but look at him with a few more glances. However, I do not have any improper thoughts toward him.” Her expression looked very innocent, just like she had been wronged.

At this moment, other guests in the surrounding also stopped the chopsticks in their hands and pointed towards the happenings in the main hall…

“Big Brother,” Ye Qi angrily spoke, “Xue Rou’er has already said she doesn’t have any improper thoughts. Your friend had injured Rou’er, shouldn’t he apologize?”

Ye Ximo raised his brows and said with a sneer. “I don’t care if she has any ideas on Young Master Xiao. It’s a fact that she blushed! A woman that hasn’t gotten married yet stared at other men, isn’t it too wanton of her? Furthermore, he already has a wife, so if Xue Rou’er has improper thoughts she’d better stop it!”

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