Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 787 - Journeying to Ye City (7)

Chapter 787: Journeying to Ye City (7)
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Ye City was located not far away from the Qin City, with barely half a day’s worth of traveling needed. Currently, within an elegant private room of a restaurant, Ye Qi had her head lowered while her expression was somewhat unsightly as she angrily bit on her chopsticks.

Seated across from her was a woman approximately twenty years old. Her appearance was very beautiful and could easily make others desire to protect her.

“Qiqi,” the lady pursed her lips and her voice was very gentle, “Are you still angry with your brother?”

Ye Qi released a sigh and put down the chopsticks in her hands. “I don’t know what have I done for him to hate me so much! Ever since young, I’ve always hoped to follow alongside him and had never done any excessive things. Thus, I don’t understand, why does he loathe me as much?”

Her expression was very dispirited, and even facing an entire table of delicacies, she did not have any appetite!

“I say, Rou’er, how can I make my Brother not loathe me?” Ye Qi bit her lips and looked at Xue Rou’er pitifully.

“This…” Xue Rou’er was just about to speak and all of a sudden, she cast a glance from the window and spoke in shock. “That… isn’t that Young Master Ye?”

Ye Qi instantly stood up from her chair and her originally downcast expression became bright like spring flowers while having a tender smiling expression on her face.

“Big Brother’s back?”

Having said that, Ye Qi swiftly rushed outside the room at a speed so fast that it made one gasp.

Inside the restaurant hall, Ye Ximo was introducing to Yun Luofeng Ye City’s local conditions and customs while speaking highly of this restaurant.

However, at this moment, a lovable figure quickly pounced over from the second floor and didn’t stop until arriving before Ye Ximo.

“Ye Qi?”

Ye Ximo froze. He furrowed his brows, looking at the lady pouncing from the second floor before looking at Xue Rou’er together with her. His originally unsightly expression became increasingly ugly.

“Why are you two here?”

The man’s questioning tone caused Ye Qi to stare blankly. “I’m eating here together with Rou’er and I didn’t think Big Brother would come here too, I…” Ye Qi’s gaze swept over and noticed Huohuo who was standing beside Ye Ximo and immediately got angry. “Brother, you’re still together with this brat?”

“Ye Qi, don’t be rude!” Ye Ximo’s expression turned solemn as he berated her sternly, “These are all my friends and she’s called Huohuo, the other two are Sister Feng and Young Master Xiao! They will be staying in the Ye Estate this period of time and if you are rude to them, don’t blame me for not recognizing you as my sister!”

Ye Qi did not expect Ye Ximo would berate her because of a few outsiders, and the rims of her eyes unconsciously reddened as she felt wronged in the bottom of her heart.

While some of it was from feeling wronged, even more of it was anger.

“Qiqi,” Xue Rou’er hastily pulled Ye Qi’s sleeve and softly prompted, “Since Young Master Ye has returned, you shouldn’t make him angry anymore.”

After saying that, she slowly walked towards Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao while gently speaking. “Miss Feng, Young Master Xiao, Qiqi was spoiled as a child so she was somewhat rude towards you. Please don’t hold it against her.” Although she seemed to be speaking up for Ye Qi, in actuality her words had already revealed that Ye Qi’s temper was bad and she had been spoiled as a child.

On this point, not to even mention Yun Luofeng, even Ye Ximo who had a one-track mind could notice it and only Ye Qi did not notice the hidden meaning behind Xue Rou’er’s words.

“Rou’er you don’t need to speak up for me. I feel that I didn’t say anything wrong!”

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