Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 786 - Journeying to Ye City (6)

Chapter 786: Journeying to Ye City (6)
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“Luckily, I’ve finally found the person that holds the Medical God’s Code.” Huohuo put her tail down and softly muttered.

After finding the person that held it, she would no longer be bullied to the extent that she did not dare to go out into the world after numerous years…

Next day, early morning.

When Yun Luofeng opened the door, she spotted Ye Ximo and Huohuo standing outside. She faintly raised her eyebrows and asked. “It’s time to set off?”

Ye Ximo dryly coughed. “Right, we’re now considered acquainted, but I have yet to know your names…”

Yun Luofeng knit her brows. She knew nothing about Ye Ximo other than him being from the Ye Family! Therefore, she was taciturn for a long time before replying. “Feng Luoyun”

Flipping over Yun Luofeng was Feng Luoyun!

Huohuo blinked her eyes and her puzzled gaze looked towards Yun Luofeng, clearly not understanding why she used a fake name. However, she did not expose Yun Luofeng and only stood quietly on one side.

“What about this young master?” Ye Ximo turned towards Yun Xiao and asked.

“Xiao Yun.” Yun Xiao expression was unfeeling and expressionless.

After hearing his name, Yun Luofeng’s eyebrow lightly raised. Was it because she had flipped her name over, so he had followed suit?

Ye Ximo laughed and once again, turned his line of sight towards Yun Luofeng, wanting to pat her shoulders as he raised his hands. However, before his hands had even touched her, Yun Xiao beside her had already drawn Yun Luofeng into his embrace and dodged his hands. Ye Ximo awkwardly touched his nose as he said, “Since we are able to meet, it can be considered fate. I’m Ye Ximo and if you don’t mind, you can address me as Brother Ye.”

Yun Luofeng chuckled. “Then I’ll follow your wishes, Brother Ye.”

The feeling Ye Ximo gave Yun Luofeng wasn’t bad and instead, his candid vigor caused her to be comfortable around him. However, she was accustomed to being prudent and in this Land of No Return where every step was filled with danger, she wasn’t willing to reveal her name!

Yun Xiao had an unfeeling expression as before and took no notice of Ye Ximo’s words. To make him say two words is already extremely difficult, furthermore addressing Ye Ximo as Brother Ye? Other than Yun Luofeng, no one could make him have unnecessary expressions!

“Haha,” Ye Ximo heartily laughed, “Sister Feng, after arriving in Ye City, Brother Ye will be your host and bring you two around to eat, drink, and be merry. Huohuo, let’s go.”

“Little Ximo, don’t you have to find someone?” Huohuo furrowed her cute brows and asked.

Ye Ximo slapped his own forehead. “How could I have forgotten about this? Foster father merely asked me to look for someone but I truly have no idea where to look! It’ll be easy to handle if there’s a portrait but unfortunately, there’s nothing.”

“You’re looking for someone?” Yun Luofeng curiously questioned.

Ye Ximo nodded. “I’m looking for my little brother. Merely, I’ve never seen him and am unable to find him! Let’s not talk about this first, Sister Feng, Young Master Xiao, I’ll bring you to Ye City first and for the matters of searching… I’ll send someone to check on their news.”

Ye Ximo was very vexed. Finding people in this Land of No Return amounted to finding a needle in a haystack.

Unless the other party came voluntarily?

However, was that even possible?

He did not believe that his luck would be that good.

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