Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 785 - Journeying to Ye City (5)

Chapter 785: Journeying to Ye City (5)

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“I’ve warned it and it won’t harm you now.”

“I don’t care!” Huohuo pouted, “Asking me to stay with it is not letting me have a good life as I have to guard against its sneak attacks! It’s much better and safer to be with Master.”

When Yun Luofeng saw Huohuo’s pitiful appearance, she ultimately softened and agreed.

“I can let you follow me but you cannot address me as your Master, nor can you reveal your identity as a spirit beast!”

On the continent, master was a form of addressing for contracted spirit beasts! For example, Milk Tea and the hamster tribe also addressed Yun Luofeng as master. The others from the corps had either called her as Eldest Miss or my lord! The difference in meaning between these two types of address was of heaven and earth difference.

If she allowed others to know that she had a young spirit beast, she was afraid that she would no longer have peace in the future.

Everyone was aware that spirit beasts were classified into two categories, adulthood, and infancy. For a spirit beast like Huohuo whose appearance would forever be eight to nine years old, it represented that she had transformed into human appearance during infancy and this proved that her innate talent was extremely good. It’s no wonder so many people wanted to hunt down Huohuo back then.

For her own safety, she could never allow Huohuo’s identity to be revealed.

“I understand.” Huohuo lovably blinked her eyes and spoke.

If Ye Ximo were to witness this scene, he would definitely be shocked until his jaw dropped. When did this willful little girl become so obedient?

Perhaps she would only be willing to comply before Yun Luofeng.

At an inn.

Within the simple and elegant room, just when Ye Ximo was about to go to sleep, he had jumped up after hearing the door being slammed open. Under the impression that an enemy had come to seek revenge, he leaped out the bed in shock and instantly unsheathed the sword beside the bed.

However, when he looked over, he instead saw Huohuo walking in calm and collected.

Ye Ximo finally felt a sense of relief. “Huohuo, how many times have I told you, the door is meant to be opened, not kicked.”

Huohuo pouted, “I want to sleep, you can go make your bed on the floor.”

Ye Xi Mo’s mouth twitched. “Huohuo, I think it’s better if we ask for two rooms.”

Huohuo’s footsteps paused and did not pay attention to Ye Ximo’s words as she laid down on the sleeping pad without consulting anyone…

Ye Ximo originally wanted to continue talking, but seeing that this little brat had already shut her eyes, he could only sigh helplessly and took a quilt to make a bed on the floor.

After waiting for his breathing to stabilize, Huohuo’s originally closed eyes opened wide and she tightly gripped the cover in her hands.

She was afraid!

Because she was afraid, she did not dare to come to Qin City alone, and it was also because she was scared that she slept in the same room as Ye Ximo!

As long as she recalled the scene where she had been humiliated by those people, fear spread within her once again.

Even if… Ye Ximo’s strength wasn’t comparable to her, it would be more safe with one more person…

Huohuo revealed her tails and she lightly caressed those fluffy tails before her fingers landed on the space of the tail that was cut off and a trace of grief flashed across her downcast eyes.

She had lied to Yun Luofeng!

Although one tail of a nine-tailed fox represented a life, her tail did not disappear because she lost her life, but instead, it was chopped off gradually by those humans!

That’s right, gradually! They did not chop off her tail in one go but chopped off a little bit every day, from the top to the bottom, until her entire tail had been cut off!

Even so, she clenched her teeth and endured it. She would rather die than surrender to those humans!

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