Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 784 - Journeying to Ye City (4)

Chapter 784: Journeying to Ye City (4)
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Huohuo straightened up and a layer of flame shrouded her body. A moment later, she transformed back into her previous fair white jade-like little child form.

Hearing this, Xiao Mo no longer competed against her like before and there was faint sympathy in his eyes. “Huohuo, in the future when you follow Master, she will never let you get bullied by others.”

Huohuo was somewhat emotionally moved. “Thank you.”

Yun Luofeng faintly smiled. To her, there was nothing better than having these two subordinates get along well with each other.

“This tree has already grown so huge?” Yun Luofeng looked around and saw the seed that she planted previously, with astonishment in her eyes.

The tree could no longer be called as a seedling, but instead a small tree! Even though this small tree was still in its infant stage, that didn’t change the fact that it had changed into a tree. To nurture this tree species, she had expended quite the quantity of medicinal herbs. Not to even mention about the betrothal gifts Yun Xiao gave her, even the medicinal herbs she obtained from the hamster tribe had nearly been used up. It seemed like she needed to think of more methods to obtain medicinal ingredients. Otherwise, she would soon be unable to support those gold-seeking hamsters as well as this small tree!

While Yun Luofeng was pondering this, the small tree suddenly caused a hurricane that headed towards Huohuo…

Huohuo originally had astonishment across her whole face, not knowing why Yun Luofeng placed importance in this small tree. As a result in the next moment, the small tree created a pulling force, seemingly having numerous hands hauling her towards the tree…

“Master, help!”

Huohuo screamed in panic and hurriedly grabbed Yun Luofeng’s hands. Within this hurricane, her crimson robes fluttered and revealed her snow-white thighs.

Yun Luofeng tightly held onto Huohuo’s arms and a devilish glimmer flashed across her eyes as she spoke sternly. “It’s still not enough after I’ve used so many medicinal ingredients to feed you and now you want to eat Huohuo? If you do not stop now, I don’t mind using fire to burn you!”

Sure enough, after hearing her words, that hurricane abruptly disappeared and the small tree swayed it’s leaves, seemingly urging Yun Luofeng to feed it…

Huohuo cried out in shock, “Master, exactly what is this monster? Why does it want to eat me?”

She had only heard of spiritual beasts eating trees and had never seen trees eating spiritual beasts before! Furthermore, this tree was actually fed using medicinal ingredients?

Exactly what kind of monster was it?

“It’s alright, it won’t eat you. It only wants to eat the spiritual energy and vitality inside your body.” Yun Luofeng patted Huohuo’s shoulders and consoled her. Obviously, her consoling had once again caused Huohuo to be frightened out of her wits.

“Is there a difference? Without vitality, I am only a crippled fox! Without vitality, why don’t I just die?”

Although Huohuo had lived for over a thousand years, she had only interacted with a small number of humans, so it was hard for her to avoid having a childish temperament. She pulled Yun Luofeng’s arms with resentment and hid behind her back.

“Xiao Mo, pick the last few stalks of medicinal plants in the space. I’ll think of ways to obtain more medicinal ingredients tomorrow.”

Yun Luofeng felt a huge pressure on herself. Not only did she need to feed the entire hamster tribe, there was also the small tree’s appetite that could rival the entire tribe! Luckily it had to rest for ten days to half a month after eating its fill, allowing her sufficient time to find medicinal ingredients…

Perhaps the small tree understood Yun Luofeng’s words as it’s leaves swayed happily, just like a delighted puppy who got food.

“Master, I’ll go out with you,” Huohuo looked at the little tree with vigilance and tightly held on Yun Luofeng’s arms, “I don’t want to stay inside!”

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