Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2253 - Yun Chutian’s Return (17)

Chapter 2253: Yun Chutian's Return (17)

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Yun Chutian's mood gradually turned for the better after hearing his words.

"Brother Nianfeng, don't tell mother you kissed me earlier on. If she finds out, she'll definitely arrange a wedding for us."

In that instant, Yun Nianfeng's expression darkened. "Didn't you say you wanted to marry me? You're regretting it so soon?" Once again, he bit on Yun Chutian's lips and evilly said, "I won't give you the chance to regret."

"I do want to marry you, Brother Nianfeng. But once we get married, we have to consummate our marriage…" Yun Chutian's petite face was somewhat pale. "They said that it'll hurt a lot during consummation, and I'm… scared…"

"Don't be afraid, I will be gentle." Just as he spoke, he felt something amiss. Why did they start talking about consummating when they just started their relationship?

"Shhhh," Noticing the approaching footsteps sounds, he softly said, "They're coming."

The leader of the group was Ouyang Xun. His expression was very unsightly and his eyes were cold. He hadn't believed it earlier when he heard news of Wang Haotian entering the palace in secret. Right now, upon hearing the sounds from within the room, it caused his expression to turn gloomy.

"Wang Xuelian, you're sure that Wang Haotian is in Yun Chutian's room?" Ouyang Xun took a deep breath and spoke in a chilly tone. It was nothing much if someone else was in the room. Why did it have to be Wang Haotian?

He was originally going to marry Ouyang Yue but their wedding was wrecked by that woman Yun Chutian. Right now, they were even having illicit sexual relations! How was the Imperial Family supposed to maintain their face?

"Your Majesty, I heard from my brother that Yun Chutian sent him a letter late at night to ask for a meeting. I believe that my brother can only belong to the second princess and so I went to find Your Majesty to inform you of this. However, my brother is innocent and I beg of Your Majesty to let him off." Wang Xuelian's face revealed unconcealed anxiousness, but while no one was looking, a complacent smirk quirked on her lips.

Yun Chutian, you're no longer a virgin and I'd like to see how you can seduce my man now!

Ouyang Xun's expression was cold as he sternly shouted, "Men, open the door!"

Two imperial bodyguards went up and suddenly kicked the door open. The room was pitch-black and they could only faintly hear the movements of the two blurry silhouettes before them.

"Raise the lights!" Following Ouyang Xun's orders, a eunuch took out a lantern from the back and placed it on the table.

However, after they saw the scene in the room, everyone stared blankly…

Wang Haotian's looked fearful, perhaps not expecting Ouyang Xun to appear at this moment. Just as he wanted to speak to the woman beneath him, he suddenly noticed a seductive face. He was frightened for a moment and quickly separated their bodies as he retreated in haste.

"Why… why is it you?"

Ouyang Yue released a seductive gaze and stood up while swinging her hips. Her torn clothing also revealed kiss marks all over her body.

"Wuu, I still want more." She dashed towards Wang Haotian, seemingly not noticing the crowd that had rushed into the room.

Wang Xuelian was stunned. Why is the woman in here not Yun Chutian, but the second princess?

"I want more, give it to me!" Ouyang Yue tugged Wang Haotian's sleeves as she leaned over.

Wang Haotian flung her away from shock as his complexion was ashen. "Why are you the one in this room? Where is Miss Chutian?"

After he spoke, a laugh suddenly sounded from the back.

"You're looking for me?" Wang Haotian hastily turned around and saw the young man and woman walking past the crowd and making their way in.

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